WssTP - Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform

WssTP - Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform

WssTP coordinates and links between the European water industry actors and research since 2004, and has currently 137 members. It strives to:

- Foster collaborative, innovative and integrated European R&D;

- Ensure the European growth and competitiveness of the water sector;

- Provide global answers to global challenges for the next generations; and

- Address the challenges of an integrated and sustainable management of water resources.


Activity Content Focus
  • Library and data sets
  • Knowledge exchange forums
  • Expert assistance teams
  • Promote changes in regulation and policies
  • Promote finance & investment
  • Optimise technical standards
  • Promote public & PPP investments
  • Water re-use and recycling
  • Water and waste water treatment
  • Water-energy nexus
Technology Stage
  • Early & later stage
Partnership Type
  • Public-private networking
Hub Type
  • Network














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