WATER2Return project needs your opinion!

WATER2Return project needs your opinion!

Water2REturn brings together 15 multidisciplinary actors from 8 different European countries – 9 SMEs, 2 European associations, 1 research centre and 3 universities – to implement an integrated solution for slaughterhouse wastewater treatment, as well as for the recovery of nutrients with high market value in the

agricultural sector.

Water2REturn proposes a viable, cross-sectoral and integrated full-scale demonstration process by using a novel combination of biochemical and physical technologies and processes in cascade, aiming also a positive balance in terms of energy footprint –biological aeration systems, membrane technologies, anaerobic processes for bio-methane production and algal technologies, all combined in a zero-waste- emission system, with an integrated monitoring control tool that improves the nutrient flows data quality – . An environmental, economic, social and risk assessment of the technology performance and the products obtained will be also performed.

If you want to be part of Water2Return community and support them with your views about some issues the project will address, then join them and have your say at: