Water Reuse - EU policy initiative (Circular Economy)

Water Reuse - EU policy initiative (Circular Economy)

In the recent communication by the European Commission (EC) on Circular Economy water reuse is indicated as an important topic. Furthermore, a series of actions is under development to promote water reuse at EU level. This includes a new version of the draft Common Implementation Stragey (CIS) guidance document on water reuse, and a possible legislation setting minimum requirements for water reuse in irrigation and groundwater recharge.

During the EIP Water conference in February 2016 in Leeuwarden, the EIP Water Action Groups InDure (Industria Water Reuse), RESEWAM (Remote Sensing for Water Management Operation), WIRE (Water & Irrigated agriculture Resilient Europe) and RTWQM (Real Time Water Quality Monitoring) organized a meeting to discuss the innovation aspects in water reuse.

In this meeting Mr. Joaquim Capitao (EU, DG Environment) presented the status of the EC's initiative to promote water reuse. Mr Bernd Gawlik from the EU Joint Research Center JRC presented the development of EU minimum requirements for water reuse in irrigation and aquifer recharge followed by an introduction on the above-mentioned second draft guidance document on water reuse by Ms Claudia de Luca (EU, DG Environment).

Participants of the meeting discussed these documents and provided valuable input for further development of the guidance paper. Meeting minutes can be found here. In the second part of the meeting, the Action Groups presented cases in which they expressed how they contribute to the development of reuse, their opinion on barriers to innovation and need for support:

The Inception Impact Assessment on the initiative "Minimum quality requirements for reused water in the EU (new EU legislation)" was published on 7 April 2016 on the Commission Web Site.

Further developments in this water reuse initiative will be presented here.