Water Innovation News

EIP Water aims to share a broad variety of water innovation-related news and works in progress from different organizations.

The information in this section provides some insider information, including who does what at EIP Water, and the role of other organisations in the partnership.

Our Action Groups, industry expert working group, the EIP Water Secretariat and Task Force members all post their respective updates here, so watch this space!

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31st January 2018

LIFE MEMORY is a EU's cofinanced project that is committed to sustainability in wastewater treatment.

30th January 2018

The second regional event on the POWERSTEP innovation project will be held at the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Bottrop, Germany on February 21st.

30th January 2018

Call for study details on www.alpconv.org.

30th January 2018

A captain navigating the Danube River from Bavaria to the Black Sea needs to overcome hundreds of administrative barriers and fill in 77 forms!

29th January 2018

Call to Participate: Reducing energy dependency of water networks in the Atlantic coastal areas of France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and the UK...