Water Innovation News

EIP Water aims to share a broad variety of water innovation-related news and works in progress from different organizations.

The information in this section provides some insider information, including who does what at EIP Water, and the role of other organisations in the partnership.

Our Action Groups, industry expert working group, the EIP Water Secretariat and Task Force members all post their respective updates here, so watch this space!

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2nd September 2013

There is a commonly held view among industry observers that “water is undervalued” and “water is underpriced.” Gloomy venture capitalists frequently cite the fact that “water is underpriced” as...

2nd September 2013

Crowdsourcing ideas is one way to speed up innovation. But are companies trying to get external inspiration on the cheap?

30th August 2013

The end-of-summer 2013 edition of the EIP Water newsletter highlights the going live of the EIP Water Online Marketplace - “matchmaking for water innovation” - in its beta version, explaining its...

28th August 2013

A design student returned to his native Mexico City after college in the United States to help the megalopolis overcome its water crisis...

23rd August 2013

Renowned sanitation innovator Dr Peter Morgan of Zimbabwe and Israel-based Netafim, pioneers of drip irrigation, were recently named the 2013 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate and the winner of the...

23rd August 2013

Green Water Credits were first used in 2007 in Kenya's Tana River Basin, and in many ways they laid the groundwork for WWF's ground-breaking payments for watershed services now underway in the...