Water Innovation News

EIP Water aims to share a broad variety of water innovation-related news and works in progress from different organizations.

The information in this section provides some insider information, including who does what at EIP Water, and the role of other organisations in the partnership.

Our Action Groups, industry expert working group, the EIP Water Secretariat and Task Force members all post their respective updates here, so watch this space!

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16th May 2017

The paper of Anna Strzelecka et al.

11th May 2017

With the greater part of the world’s water consumption used for farming, publicly available and accessible data on water are of paramount importance in agriculture.

8th May 2017

The lead member ADASA of the Action Group RTWQM, who is also the project co-lead of WEAM4i, together with the lead member CER of the Action Group WIRE have co-written a policy document on the...

3rd May 2017

The Maltese Presidency today struck a provisional deal with the European Parliament on the participation of the EU in a partnership to develop innovative solutions for sustainable water provision...

3rd May 2017

Elemental Water Makers, a member of the Action Group Renewable Desalination, has won the 1st prize as winner of the Md.

2nd May 2017

 'Science & Technology' of the ERA.Net RUS...