Sustainable Event - EUWIC 2019

The European Commission and its partners, in its role as the organiser of the EU Water Innovation Conference 2019 (EUWIC 2019), declares that the organisation of this event, which is to take place on December 12 2019, will be sustainably managed, in accordance to the EC principles and values.

For this purpose the European Commission put in place all necessary resources, both human and material, to encourage the implication of all involved, both in and outside the organisation, reaching all stakeholders, adopting sustainability criteria from economic, social and environmental perspectives.

The following principles were applied to all phases of the activities that take place at the EUWIC 2019 event:

  • Promote a culture that integrates and raises awareness to all parties involved, based on excellence, innovation, responsibility and respect towards people and the environment.
  • Establish a safe work space based on efficient communication, equality and respect, allowing the event to develop in a socially responsible manner.
  • Fulfil all legal requirements in matter of environment, quality management and safety.
  • Promote the participation and integration of all stakeholders.
  • Share the event objectives with all stakeholders, aligning all participants with Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Manage the event with transparency, with a clear commitment to the principles of governance, in line with the sustainability goals of the project.
  • Take the necessary steps to reduce pollution and the environmental footprint, identifying all environmental aspects related to the event in all its phases, and minimising subsequent impacts.
  • Integrate in the event management all economic, social and environmental aspects in line with sustainable development, safety at work and continuous improvement.

This management system was implemented and documented though the necessary means for future reference and review, as well as the results achieved with its implementation.