Special session at EGU 2020 May 2020 in Vienna!

Special session at EGU 2020 May 2020 in Vienna!

Instrumentation&measurements for water systems!

Ctrl+SWAN invites you to consider the opportunity to submitt an abstract during EGU 2020 that will be held on 3-8 May 2020 in Vienna (Austria). In the framework of the next European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Ctrl+Swan supports the third edition of the GI4.4 Session Session, entitled "Instrumentation & measurements for water systems"

Please consider submitting your abstract before 15 January 2020, 13:00 CET. 

Andrea Scozzari - a.scozzari@isti.cnr.it

Anna Di Mauro - anna.dimauro@unicampania.it,  Francesco Soldovieri - soldovieri.f@irea.cnr.it 

Water quantity and quality measurements as well as water characterization techniques are within the scope of this session. Contributions about advancements on field measurement approaches, development of new sensing techniques, low cost sensor systems and measurement methods enabling crowdsourced data collection are welcomed. Remote sensing techniques for the monitoring of water resources and/or the related infrastructures are within the scope of this session. Contributions dealing with the integration of data from multiple sources are solicited, as well as the design of ICT architectures for the enhanced and user-friendly monitoring towards the necessities of the stakeholders. Studies about the integration between sensor networks and large data systems are also very encouraged, as well as signal and data processing techniques targeted to event detection.

For any doubts or information don’t hesitate to contact agctrlswan@gmail.com