Speakers - EIP Water Conference 2019

We are pleased to present a great line up of speakers. The list below is in alphabetical order.

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DuPont Water Solutions
Alexander Lane

Alexander S. Lane is the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Commercial Director for Water Solutions, a global leader in sustainable separation and purification technology. By leading the regional development and implementation of business strategies, Mr. Lane oversees the application of DuPont’s water treatment technology and its impact on the sustainability of water supply across EMEA. He became Commercial Director for Dow Water Solutions (now DuPont Water Solutions) at the beginning of 2015. Under his leadership, DuPont Water Solutions has focused on growing its franchise across region. Before joining Dow Water Solutions, Mr. Lane held several international management positions in the UK, Nordic countries, Germany and Switzerland.  Alexander holds a first-class honors degree in Chemistry & Polymer Science from the University of Lancaster, UK.

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LNEC (Portugal)
Ana Estela Barbosa

Ana Estela Barbosa holds a Ph.D. and European Doctorate Degree in Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering by Aalborg University, Denmark. Having a background Environmental Engineering (New University of Lisbon) she is used to work with different sciences and multidisciplinary approaches. Her main fields of expertise are integrated water resources management; environmental impact assessment; water and preparedness under climate change scenarios; water quality and pollution control; monitoring road runoff drainage, quality and impacts; natural based systems for pollution control. She was guest professor of Environmental Sanitation and Environmental Impacts. She is currently Assistant Researcher at the Hydraulics and Environment Department of LNEC (Portugal), being experienced in project and team coordination. She was the co-coordinator of H2020 BINGO (2015-2019) and has more than 170 publications.

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Ana Sancho

An agricultural engineer, Ana Sancho is Libelium’s Key Account Manager for Agriculture, Water, and Environment, focusing on providing solutions and solving problems for related projects worldwide in this important aspect of the IoT. Her field experience includes roles as engineer and project manager at the Center for Research and Agricultural Protection (CITA), and at SIRASA, where she managed agricultural programs to monitor disease prevention, ensuring that territories in Aragon comply with European Union agricultural laws for a number of important crops.
A dual citizen of Spain and the U.S., Ana received a Bachelors degree in Agriculture Engineering from the University of Zaragoza, and completed a postgraduate degree in Logistics and Food Safety.

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Andrea Guerrini

Andrea Guerrini is Commissioner of ARERA, the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (www.arera.it), President of WAREG, the Association of European Water Regulators (www.wareg.org) and ARERA delegate at NER, the OECD Network of Economic Regulators.

From 2016 until his nomination in ARERA in August 2018, he was President of ASA S.p.A. the Operator of the City of Livorno (www.asaspa.it).

Mr Guerrini is professor of Performance Management, Planning and Control in the Department of Business Economics at the University of Verona, where he has been researching and teaching water utilities and regulation. He is the author of  numerous publications, including monographs and articles for international reviews. In 2014 he wrote a book on “Water management in Italy: Governance, Performance and Sustainability” and in 2018 a book on “Management of water services companies. An operational manual for management and control”.

He has been leading research projects financed by the European Union and he was one of the founders of the Water Management and Technology Research Centre.

Prof. Guerrini has been drafting the tariff methodology for drinking water services for the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.

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Nature’s Pride
Coen van Iwaarden

Coen van Iwaarden is Senior Advisor Sustainable Business at Nature’s Pride, a leading European importer of fresh exotic fruits and vegetables. Nature’s Pride sources more than 230 products from nearly 60 countries worldwide which it distributes to retailers, wholesalers, and foodservice throughout Europe. Among other things, Coen is in charge of the company’s water policy. Before joining Nature’s Pride, Coen lived for more than ten years in Latin America where he worked in various roles in trade, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. He is currently based in Barcelona. Coen holds master degrees in international political economy (Torcuato Di Tella University, Argentina) and international law (Utrecht University, Netherlands).  

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David Martin

David Martin is VP Market Head France & Belgium and VP government relations EU, he is based in Paris, France. David’s role is to drive growth thru innovation and business strategies with a particular focus on water efficiency.

David Martin graduated from Ecole National Superieure de Chimie de Nancy (France), Imperial College (UK) and Carnegie Mellon University (USA) in Chemical Engineering and Applied Mathematics.

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Canal de Isabel II , S.A./EUREAU
F. Javier Fernández Delgado

F. Javier Fernández graduated in Mathematics, specializing in Operational Research, at Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1989. Prior to joining Canal de Isabel II – the public utility in charge of the complete water cycle for more tan 6.5 million people in the región of Madrid, SPain - in 1992, he worked as a consultant for Andersen Consulting and Isdefe (Spanish Ministry of Defence). During his 27 years working for Canal de Isabel II, he has carried out duties as an analyst in network modelling and demand management, Head of Software Development, and Head of IT. Since 2007 he is the Deputy Director in charge of Telecontrol, and is responsible for Instrumentation, Control, Automation, Telecommunications, Metrology, the Control Centre, and the strategic line for improving guarantee of supply. He takes also part in the Smart Water Network Forum, EUREAU's Joint Working Group for Innovation and the Spanish group for Standardisation of Smart Cities. Additionally, he is an IWA Governing Member, member of IWa's Hydroinformatics, Water Loss, Efficient Urban Water Management and Instrumentation, Control and Automation groups.

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Isle Utilities
Fiona Griffith - MODERATOR

Fiona is a technophile with a keen interest in innovation, technology development and commercialisation, and has supported the growth of Isle’s Technology Approval Group (TAG) from the outset. As Group Director, Fiona is well placed to lead Isle’s strategic business development, always looking for opportunities to facilitate collaboration not only across international boundaries but also between different market sectors.

Over the years Fiona has gained considerable experience both in the UK and overseas, working alongside technology companies, end users of technology and investors. She has managed complex projects, coordinated strategic partnerships and identified and secured appropriate funding sources. More recently she has also mobilised a new Innovation Platform to deliver robust technology solutions into Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Polytechnic University of Marche
Francesco Fatone

Francesco Fatone is full professor of chemical and environmental engineering at the Polytechnic University of Marche (Italy). His R&D&I activity concerns mainly sustainable and safe resource recovery to deliver circular economy in the urban water and waste cycles. He is coordinator of the Horizon2020 “SMART-Plant” Innovation Action and WP leader of water-related Horizon2020, Life+, ENI CBC MED, PRIMA, Water JPI projects. Francesco serves as editor-in-chief or associate of international peer-reviewed water journals, and has been co-chair of water-related international conferences, including the IWA Resource Recovery Conference, European Nutrient Event and IWA ecoSTP. He is thematic area coordinator for water in the ECOMONDO scientific executive board, and expert for the application of the circular economy package in the Italian Ministry of Environment.

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Spanish YWP Chapter / Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Jorge Rodríguez-Chueca

Jorge holds a degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technologies (both in University of Zaragoza). During the last years he has held different postdoctoral researcher positions in University of Tràs-Os-Montes e Alto Douro (Portugal), Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain), École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland). Currently he is Assistant Professor and researcher in the Industrial Engineering Faculty of the Polythechnical University of Madrid, in Spain, being their main research interest the new disinfection technologies, and the application of Advanced Oxidation Processes in the water treatment.

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Institute of Chemical Synthesis and Homogeneous Catalysis, University of Zaragoza-CSIC
Luis Salvatella

Professor Dr Salvatella is a Full Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Zaragoza. His professional career has been mostly devoted to propelling the implementation of Sustainable Chemistry by means of both research and educational pillars. His research career has been focused on the study of chemical reactions through a combined theoretical-experimental approach in order to improve the efficiency of such processes, thus leading to lower consumption of reactants and energy as well as a lower waste generation. In the last few years, he has become interested in upcycling chemical materials (including underused raw materials as well as the valorisation of hexachlorocyclohexane –HCH– waste). He has participated in the organisation of two Chemistry conferences (devoted to Green Chemistry and Catalysis), whereas he is now organising a summer course on the future of HCH waste. He has been the coordinator of the Master's degree in Sustainable Chemistry of the University of Zaragoza and a member of the Management Council of the Suschem-Spain technological platform. He is now leading the organisation of a Master's Degree in Circular Economy as a joint degree involving four universities (University of Zaragoza, University of Lleida, Public University of Navarre, and University of La Rioja) based on an intensive use of e-Learning.

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PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
Maria Witmer

Maria Witmer is policy researcher at PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, an independent governmental research institute in the fields of climate, environment, nature and spatial planning. PBL has the mission to improve political decision-making by conducting integrated outlook studies, analyses and evaluations. Maria has always been interested in the interface between research and policy and has been working at both sides. She developed a national water management plan at the Ministry for Transport and Water and was head of the surface water section in a regional government, before she joined PBL. Also, she worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on climate change adaptation in developing countries. At PBL, she was head of the surface water section, lead several complex projects such as the National Environment Outlook and Nature Balances and coordinated the European projects. Currently she is leading the policy analysis in the Horizon2020 project SIM4NEXUS.

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Spanish YWP Chapter / Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Marina Arnaldos Orts

Marina holds a degree in Industrial Engineering (Polytehnical University of Valencia, Spain), as well as an MsC and PhD in Environmental Engineering (Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, US). She has held different positions related to innovation in the water sector during her career. Most significantly, she has lead the Desalination and New Technologies area in the R&D Department of Acciona Agua, as well as the Water Resources, Production and Regeneration area in Cetaqua, Water Technology Center of SUEZ Spain. Currently, she is the R&D activity leader in Cetaqua, directing the R&D technical strategy of the center.

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NVP Energy
Michael Murray

Michael Murray is a qualified civil engineer and holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). He is a highly experienced Managing Director and senior level manager (17 years’ senior management experience) with a proven track record in sales, operations and accounts; having worked in corporate & SME environments across the clean-tech, engineering, construction and IT industries.

In Michael’s most recent previous role as Managing Director of Kirby Group Engineering, Michael successfully scaled the business, increasing revenues from €6.5m to €40m and growing the team from 8 to 90 staff in a 3-year period. In this period, he was responsible for the successful design and project delivery of various complex projects (values of €2 million - €9 million). Michael has been MD of NVP Energy for the past 6 years with his primary focus being team growth to ensure the successful scale up and commercialisation of their unique low strength wastewater treatment technology, Lt-AD (Low temperature Anaerobic Digestion).

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Technical University Vienna, Institute for Water Quality and Resources Management
Norbert Kreuzinger

Norbert Kreuzinger is Assistant Professor at Technische Universität Wien, Institute for Water Quality and Resources Management, Vienna, Austria.

His main research topics are linked to the effects of treated wastewaters on the aquatic environment considering chemistry and microbiology of surface waters and wastewater. Fate assessment, risk management and technology development for contaminants of emerging concern related to wastewater and surface waters are the key focus. His scientific work is focusing on reuse aspects of treated wastewater and full-scale implementation of advanced wastewater treatment technologies for further removal of ECEs from municipal wastewater considering toxicological requirements.

He is a member of national and international boards discussing the implementation of further treatment steps in municipal wastewater treatment plants from scientific and applied point of view. Currently Norbert Kreuzinger is coordinating the Water JPI Knowledge Hub on Contaminants of emerging concern.

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Isle Utilities
Piers Clark - MODERATOR

Piers is Chairman of the Isle Group Ltd. Isle is a technical, specialist, water consultancy, employing over 80 people and with offices in the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, the USA, Australia, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. Isle works with over 200 utilities around the world helping them identify and adopt new technology.

Piers was previously the Managing Director for the $1bn private equity fund Global Water Development Partners (GWDP), a Blackstone portfolio company. From 2010-14 he was the Commercial Director at Thames Water, the largest of the UK water companies. Piers was responsible for all of Thames Water’s non-regulated business activities. Piers also served as Interim Asset Management Director for Thames Water. Prior to joining Thames Water, Piers was Managing Director of Mouchel’s Regulated Industries leading a team of 3,000 staff providing engineering consultancy and operational maintenance services in the water, energy, environment and rail sectors.

In 2006, Piers helped establish an innovative funding mechanism for technology companies, called TAG (Technology Approval Group). TAG bridges the gap between venture capital investors and the water company end-users and has resulted in over $1bn being invested in water-related cleantech companies in recent years.

He is a Board director for the IFC-backed Haiti-based water kiosk business Dlo Haiti, and a Non Exec Director for Modern Water plc. He has a PhD in Civil Engineering.

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World Bank
Steven N. Schonberger

Steven Navon Schonberger is Regional Director for the World Bank Group’s Sustainable Development Department for the Europe and Central Asia (ECA) region.  In this role, he is responsible for the World Bank’s programs in Agriculture, Environment, Urban and Disaster Management, Social, Land and Water; and to ensure that the Climate and Social Inclusion agendas are effectively supported by the World Bank’s program overall in ECA. He previously held the position of Global Director for the World Bank’s Water Global Practice and has been a manager for water and agriculture in various regions.  An Agricultural Economist by training, Mr. Schonberger has worked on issues of water resources management, water utility reform, climate resilience, agriculture and irrigation, and finance in virtually all regions of the Globe.  In addition to the World Bank, Mr. Schonberger has worked with UN organizations, private companies and international NGOs. 

His recent areas of focus within the broader context of environmental sustainability and economic development include moving to a circular economy approach in water-scarce cities, governance and institutional reforms in irrigated agriculture, and developing innovative partnerships with the private sector for technology and policy innovation.  His publications include several World Bank reports on issues of microfinance, agricultural finance, and natural resources policy, as well as co-authored journal articles and book chapters on similar topics. Mr. Schonberger is a native of the State of California in the U.S. and has lived in Europe, Asia and Africa.  

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UN Environment Programme
Susan Gardner

Susan Gardner is Director of Ecosystems Division of UN Environment Programme. She has over two decades of experience in science and environmental policy working for both the Mexican and United States governments. Prior to this position, she was a senior official at the U.S. Department of State in the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs. Dr. Gardner’s multilateral work included the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management, the Global Mercury Partnership and the Stockholm Convention. She was awarded the Gold Medal for Exceptional Services from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for her contributions to the Minamata Convention on Mercury. Dr. Gardner created the first Ecotoxicology Program at the Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste. Her research has generated over 30 publications including a book and book chapters on topics related to ecology, toxicology, fisheries management and species conservation. 

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European Commission - DG Environment

Veronica Manfredi is the Director for Quality of Life in DG Environment since February 2018. Her Directorate plays a pivotal role in leading Europe towards a Zero-Pollution ambition and contributes to tackle the Climate and Biodiversity crisis. It is indeed responsible for key EU policies for Clean and Well-Managed Water (including the protection all EU Freshwater and Marine environments, prevention from Floods, compliance with high health standards for Drinking Water), Clean Air, control on Industrial Emissions and prevention of Industrial Accidents. Internationally, her team leads the EU negotiations within the UN Minamata Convention on Mercury and the UN Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution. It also provides steady support to the work of the Regional Sea Conventions (HELCOM – Baltic Sea, OSPAR – North Atlantic Sea, Barcelona – Mediterranean Sea & Bucharest Conventions – Black Sea) and the International Commissions for the Protection of the Rhine and Danube rivers.

A lawyer by background, Veronica deepened her knowledge of International and EU law in Rome, Turin, Kiel, Bruges and Brussels. Between 2002 and 2004 she worked in the Cabinet of the Internal Market Commissioner Frits Bolkestein. She then joined the Cabinet of Vice-President Siim Kallas, working first in the Portfolio for Administration, Audit and Anti-Fraud issues (2004-2009) and then in the Portfolio for Transport (2010-2011).

Until January 2018, she has been the Head of the Consumer and Marketing Law Unit in DG Justice, overseeing the correct implementation and modernisation of key EU Consumer Law Directives, and leading the work for the launch of the 2018 New Deal for Consumers.