Speakers - EIP Water Conference 2019

We are pleased to present a great line up of speakers. The list below is in alphabetical order.

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Alicia Asín

Alicia Asín is the CEO and co-founder of Libelium, a Spanish IT company that has created “Waspmote”, a wireless, modular and open source sensor hardware platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). Alicia is a computer engineer focused on how the IoT can change our world, starting with Smart Cities and Precission Agriculture, among other applications. Link to featured projects. Libelium’s technology is present in more than 120 countries worldwide, developing projects to monitor and improve efficiency in agricultural crops, with environmental control systems to prevent climate change, or even through e-health control equipment to universalize access to health services in developing countries.

Alicia has been awarded for her entrepreneurial merits and technological innovation: she began being recognized with the highest distinction for her research in Computer Architecture (WCAE 2007, San Diego). She was also the first Spanish woman to receive the National Young Entrepreneurs Award in 2014. In October 2015, Marca España recognized her as “Spanish with Talent”, leading the worldwide campaign for the international diffusion of the prestige of the country along with figures such as the singer Alejandro Sanz. In 2016, she was awarded with the National Computer Science Prize for her career, progression and internationalization of her company. A few months later, the business association CEPYME awarded Libelium as international company that exports the 90% of its annual turnover. In October 2017, Alicia Asín has received the Award “Rey Jaime I” fom His Majesty the King and Queen of Spain, the highest distinction for scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs. In June 2018, she was awarded with the 2nd position of the EU Prize for Women Innovators, given by the European Commission. Alicia holds a master’s degree in computer engineering from the Polytechnic Center of the University of Zaragoza and is a graduate of the Cambridge Judge Business School and ESADE.

"Since we entered the age of information and telecommunications in the 70’s we had not seen anything similar to the Internet of Things in terms of its potential impact on process change and power to create a new business ecosystem. The IoT is more than a new generation of the Internet, it is the next technological revolution —horizontal and global— in which we will finally see the digital and physical world blended”, Alicia Asin says.

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Institute of Chemical Synthesis and Homogeneous Catalysis, University of Zaragoza-CSIC
Luis Salvatella

Professor Dr Salvatella is a Full Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Zaragoza. His professional career has been mostly devoted to propelling the implementation of Sustainable Chemistry by means of both research and educational pillars. His research career has been focused on the study of chemical reactions through a combined theoretical-experimental approach in order to improve the efficiency of such processes, thus leading to lower consumption of reactants and energy as well as a lower waste generation. In the last few years, he has become interested in upcycling chemical materials (including underused raw materials as well as the valorisation of hexachlorocyclohexane –HCH– waste). He has participated in the organisation of two Chemistry conferences (devoted to Green Chemistry and Catalysis), whereas he is now organising a summer course on the future of HCH waste. He has been the coordinator of the Master's degree in Sustainable Chemistry of the University of Zaragoza and a member of the Management Council of the Suschem-Spain technological platform. He is now leading the organisation of a Master's Degree in Circular Economy as a joint degree involving four universities (University of Zaragoza, University of Lleida, Public University of Navarre, and University of La Rioja) based on an intensive use of e-Learning.