Side Meetings



The following open/closed side meetings took place in Leeuwarden @ the Water Campus (Oostergoweg 9, 8911 MA Leeuwarden) back-to–back with the EIP Water Conference 2016:

Open meetings:

  • TUE February 9, 2016, 14.00-15:55. Water reuse - status and contribution to the EU initiative

The EIP Water Action Groups InDure (Industrial Water Reuse), RESEWAM (Remote Sensing for Water Management Operation) WIRE (Water & Irrigated agriculture Resilient Europe, RTWQTM (Real Time Water Quality Monitoring) are pleased to invite you to this meeting which will discuss innovation aspects in water reuse. This topic was raised in the recent communication by the European Commission (EC) on Circular Economy and  a series of actions are under development to promote water reuse at EU level. This includes a guidance document on water reuse, and a possible legislation setting minimum requirements for water reuse in irrigation and groundwater recharge. The meeting is aimed to briefly present the new version of the draft CIS guidance document (by Mr. Joaquim Capitao, EC, DG Environment) and the technical development of minimum requirements (by Mr. Bernd Gawlik, EC, Joint Research Center) and to compile inputs and have discussion on the water-innovation-related aspects of the EC initiative, such as approaches and technologies, in order to reflect the state of the art and foresee already expected developments in the next future. 

For more information: 


Draft agenda:

- Welcome by Mr Albert Jansen, Action Group leader of InDuRe and chairing this meeting

- Presentation on the status of the EC's initiative to promote water reuse by Mr. Joaquim Capitao, DG Environment;

- Presentation on the development of EU minimum requirements for water reuse in irrigation and aquifer recharge by Mr. Bernd Gawlik, Joint Research Center; presentation on the second draft guidance document on water reuse; followed by discussion.

- Presentations of Action Groups in which they express how they contribute to the development of reuse, their opinion on barriers to innovations and need for support:

> "Castell – Platja d’Aro, a reference case for water reclamation and reuse" by Mr Sergio de Campos, Action Group RTQWM

> “Earth Observation in Support of the Water Sector. Water Reuse" by Mr Ernesto Lopez Baeza, Action Group RESEWAM

> "Industrial Water Reuse" by Mrs Mona Arnold, Action Group InDuRe

> "Reuse for a Water & Irrigated agriculture Resilient Europe" by Mr Adriano Battilani, Action Group WIRE

- Wrap up by Mr Guido Schmidt, EIP Water Secretariat

  • ​​TUE February 9, 2016, 14.00-17:00. EIP Water Action Group ARREAU (Accelerating Resource Recovery from the Water Cycle) members meeting”

Discuss best practices in Europe and progress exploration financial instruments to support resource recovery and upcycling. If you are interested in joining our meeting, please contact Bianca van der Wolf at


- Welcome and short introduction to ARREAU (15 min.)

- Presentations progress ARREAU working groups (15 min. each)

> Phosphorus

> Cellulose

> Drinking Water

> Cross-cutting issues

- Break (30 min.)

- Financial instruments (15 min.)

- Discuss ARREAU Action Plan 2016 (30 min.)

- Concluding remarks


  • TUE February 9, 2016, 13.00-16:00. River Basin Standards Interoperability Pilot: kick-of meeting

There is a lot of water information and tools in Europe to be applied in the river basin management but fragmentation and a lack of coordination between countries still exists. The purpose of this pilot is to assess the difficulty of applying OGC standards in the water community and to demonstrate their applicability.  The demonstrated solution will combine different geospatial standards as defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium (e.g., WaterML 2.0, SOS, WPS, WFS, WCS, etc.). The region of interest of this pilot is the Scheldt river basin and the Maritsa river basin in Europe (the two use cases in WaterInnEU project). Deploying non-European products in the mentioned river basins for testing interoperability purposes can also be contemplated. Participants are requested to contribute to this pilot and will get visibility and recognition in the OGC portal. If you are interested in joining our meeting, please contact Lluís Pesquer at

  • TUE February 9, 2016, 15.00-17:00. EIP Water Action Group CITY BLUEPRINT members meeting - A long term vision producing results

The EIP WATER Action Group City Blueprints has given rise to two Horizon 2020 projects, whilst the original methodology developed by Kees van Leeuwen and his team has not only been improved but has become the basis for a number of international initiatives. This meeting will describe the advances made and will seek to explore the opportunities which are appearing on the horizon. The public will be invited to comment on the activities concluded to date and to participate in a debate on the road ahead.  -  - If you are interested in joining our meeting, please contact Richard Elelman at or

  • TUE February 9, 2016, 14.00-17:00. EIP Water Action Group COWAMA Mitigation of Water Stress in Coastal Regions by Sustainable Water Management members meeting

The Action Group COWAMA has been consolidated so far to apply for projects within the different EU-programs. The sustainable water management in coastal Areas has become a serious challenge for the improvement of living conditions in a global frame. The water utilization needs to be harmonized between the drinking water supply, the Irrigation demands and the water provision for industrial purposes. If you are interested in joining our meeting, please contact Hans Zojer at

  • TUE February 9, 2016, 12.00-19:00. Water Match meeting

On February 9, 2016 representatives from companies, knowledge institutions and local governments from all over the world gather to attend the EIP Water Congress, one of the leading Water Conferences in Europe. Additionally, companies, researchers and knowledge institutes can participate in the Water Match matchmaking event.

The matchmaking event offers participants the opportunity to meet potential business partners during 1-1 meetings and other networking opportunities. The objective is to identify international business opportunities and stimulate collaboration between water technology businesses world-wide.

Draft Programme

11:30-12:00 Registration & light lunch

12:00 - 13:00 Information session on EU subsidies

13:00 - 15:00 Matchmaking session

15:00 - 15:30 Coffee break

15:30 - 16:50 Matchmaking session

If you are interested in joining our meeting, please register here:

  • TUE February 9, 2016, 09.00-17:30. European Assistance for Innovation Procurement (eafip) – workshop for water sector procurers

The European Commission, in collaboration with the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Water, is pleased to invite you to this eafip workshop which targets public procurers in the water sector (ministries, regional and local authorities, public utility companies, etc.).

The aim of the event is to highlight the benefits of innovation procurement of ICT solutions through the Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) and Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI) approaches across Europe.  Public procurers could gain a lot from innovation procurement, which empowers public authorities to procure pioneering solutions customised to their specific needs, while saving money – Impact studies show that PCP/PPI creates on average 20% cost savings on public procurement expenditures. More information can be found here.

This workshop is only open to public contracting authorities and features presentations and networking discussions on (see agenda):

- EU funding opportunities for PCP and PPI (in the framework of the Horizon 2020 calls).

- Case examples and lessons learned.

- The eafip Toolkit (aimed to support you in preparing your innovation procurement).

Lunch and coffee/tea will be provided

Over three years (2015-2017), the eafip initiative is supporting public procurers across Europe to launch new PCP and PPI procurements.

  • TUE February 9, 2016, 09.00-12:30. ICT4Water

The ICT cluster Water invites you to Participate in an open meeting for technology transfer and networking concerning to the application of new technologies in the water industry. In addition to the relevant results of representative projects in the sector, trends and state of the art in Big Data technologies for the sector will be presented. Do not miss it! If you are interested in joining our meeting, please contact Gabriel Anzaldi at

  • TUE February 9, 2016, 10:00-12:30. Boosting Managed Aquifer Recharge in Europe

"Boosting Managed Aquifer Recharge in Europe" open side meeting aims presenting the scientific and innovation achievements of EIP Water AG 128 MARtoMARket, led by LNEC (PT), and EU projects on MAR, e.g. FP7 INNO-DEMO MARSOL project, led by TU Darmstadt (DE), highlighting agricultural groundwater quality rehabilitation issues with MAR and boosting its social acceptance by farmers. EIP Water AG 128 MARtoMARket, successfully participated and organized a EIP Water AG 128 MARtoMARket side event in previous EIP Water Conference in Barcelona We are willing to proceed with MAR discussion in Europe and in the Mediterranean area. The MAR side event is aiming to presented and discuss the best way for "Training researchers, industry/SMEs, and end users on Water Quality regarding Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) and new developments in this field, to foster knowledge among all project partners and to ensure that the project's RTD and DEMO results effectively reaches the end-users". Therefore, we intend to incorporate the achievements gathered in previous EU and national  sponsored projects developed, e.g. in MARSOL case-study areas, addressing Water Quality techniques such as Soil Water Aquifer Treatment (SAT), as part of global solutions, so that aquifers, e.g. the Campina de Faro aquifer in the Algarve (PT) , that has been declared as a vulnerable area, can regain in a near future the good water quality status envisaged by the Water Framework Directive and the Portuguese Water Law. If you are interested in joining our meeting, please contact JP Lobo Ferreira

  • TUE February 9, 2016, 12.30-17:00. EIP Water Action Group Energy & Water Works meeting

This is a unique opportunity to meet the initiators behind the Oosterschelde and Brouwersdam tidal projects and other stakeholders across Europe from the energy and water sector. 

Please register simply by sending an email to


12:30-13:30 Networking Lunch with EIP Action Group members

14:00-17:00 Workshop Lessons learnt from Oostserschelde, Brouwersdam and Pentland Firth

Project pitches of the Oosterschelde and Brouwersdam Tidal Power project


            Renewing the governance of innovation

            Ine Neven, senior policy officer, Province of Zuid-Holland


            Permitting for innovative tidal generators in Belgium, Netherlands and UK

            Frank Neumann, director IMIEU

            Large scale marine energy projects in protected Natura 2000 sites

            Sander van Hees, University of Utrecht


            Innovative financing of large projects

            Tom Baur, EIP-Secretariat

            Financing option for Brouwersdam

            Wouter Groenen, feasibility Brouwersdam Tidal Power Plant

Each session will include a group discussion where we can learn from other projects and identify barriers and bottlenecks that could be tackled by the Action Group.


The workshop will be held at the Van Hall Larenstein building part of the Water Campus a 10 minute walk from the rear of Leeuwarden train station. If you arrive by car, please follow P2-parking only.

Van Hall Larenstein building, ROOM F1.25 (on the first floor) Agora 1, Leeuwarden, Netherlands

  • TUE February 9, 2016, 13.00-16:00. EIP Water Action Group RiverRes Side event

Are your interested in River Restoration? We think river restoration can show the value of nature based solutions.. Come and join us for a discussion with the members of the group, to help us identify key priorities, actions and examples on good practice. Putting value on natural infrastructure. If you are interested in joining our meeting, please contact Elena López Gunn at or Carlos Marcos at

  • TUE February 9, 2016, 16.00-18:00. Joint Meeting Action Groups on Nature Based Solutions

Come and join the discussion on the challenges and opportunities for nature based solutions. Four EIP Water Action groups will present their approaches, and examples of actions to far, as well as invited speakers from the EU Commission. Come ready to engage in some joined up thinking on nature based solutions. If you are interested in joining our meeting, please contact Elena López Gunn at


16.00: Brief Introduction (EIP Water Secretariat)

16.15: Presentation and case studies Led by:ESE (Presented by Ignacio Martin)

16.30: Presentation and case studies led by NatureWat (Presented by Joan Garcia)

16.45: Presentation and case studies led by RiverRes (Presented by Elena Lopez Gunn)

17.00: Presentation and case studies led by City Blueprints (Presented by Richard Elelman)

17:15-17.30: Nature based solutions: why now? Why here? Ms. Lucia Bernal-Saukkonen (DG ENV Study on Natural Water Retention Measures) 

17.30-18.00: Brainstorming on nature based solutions 

  • TUE February 9, 2016, 15.00-17:00. Best Available Technology (BAT) for Smart Water Network - EIP Water Action Group CTRL+SWAN

EIP Water Action Group CTRL+SWAN (Cloud Technologies & ReaL time monitoring + Smart WAter Network) invites you to take part in an open meeting on Best Available Technology for water. The meeting is aimed to briefly present technology able to trasform the traditional Water Distribution Systems (WDSs) in modern Smart WAter Networks (SWANs). New smart sensors (RT and OMS), Innovative software for water network partitioning and protection, Advanced cloud platform to manage big data control will be presented. So the meeting includes a networking session that offers participants the opportunity to meet company, research center, water utility and university to identify potential collaboration. If you are interested in joining our meeting, please contact Anna Di Mauro

  • TUE February 9, 2016, 13:00-16:00. EIP Water Action Group: benchmarking of the Future, members meeting - A long term vision producing results

Benchmarking is much more than just a performance assessment, it is the key to your continuous improvement. Want to learn how to convert assessment into improvement and [may] be participant in our new Horizon 2020 proposal? Join us in our Action Group meeting on 9 February in Leeuwarden! If you are interested to join our meeting please contact

  • TUE February 9, 2016, 16.15-18:00.  EIP Water Action Group Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor meeting

EIP Action Group Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor for Recovery of Energy and Resources organizes an open meeting for presenting its works and results and to promote AnMBR technology for wastewater treatment within the audience. All stakeholders within water sector are invited to participate: industry, facility operators, institutions… If you are interested in joining our meeting, please contact Aurora Seco:

  • THU February 11, 2016, 09:00-15:00. R3Water workshop on "From Innovation to Market: The Second Valley of Death"

During the workshop we would like to exchange with you on the potential barriers that innovative technologies face when they want to enter the market.  Ways on how to overcome these barriers will be discussed and experts will share their experience on how innovation in the water sector can be financed.Here you can find the agenda and the registration form (registration is open until 28th January 2016) of the workshop. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Leeuwarden. The workshop is being organised by the R3Water project and the EIP Water “Real Time Water Quality Monitoring (RTQWM)” Action Group.

Closed meetings:

  • TUE February 9, 2016, 14.00-17:00. EIP Water Action Group NatureWAT internal members meeting
  • TUE February 9, 2016, 09.00-12:00. EIP Water Action Group RTWQM - Real Time Water Quality Monitoring internal members meeting
  • TUE February 9, 2016, 10.00-12:00. EIP Water Action Group Energy & Water Works internal members meeting
  • TUE February 9, 2016, 09.00-12:00. EIP Water Action Group WIRE - Water & Irrigated agriculture Resilient Europe internal members meeting
  • TUE February 9, 2016, 16.00-17:00. EIP Water Action Group Industrial InDuRe internal members meeting
  • TUE February 9, 2016, 10.00-12:00. WssTP Resource Recovery Working Group

The main aim of the WG nutrient recovery is support all actions that allow nutrients to be recovered from water sources in an economic and ecological sound way. This meeting is part of the ordinary activities of this WssTP Working Group. It is open to the WG members and interested participants who are kindly requested, to register sending an email to or

  • TUE February 9, 2016, 14.00-16:00. WssTP Water&ICT

This working group is aimed at promoting Water and ICT at European level and positionning Europe as a worldwide reference in this domain by the definition of standards and the demonstration of its level of expertise. This meeting is in the framework of the ordinary activities of this WssTP Working Groups. It is opened to the WG members and to new comers who are kindly requested to send an email to or

  • TUE February 9, 2016, 16.30-17:30. WssTP WG Renewable Energy Desalination

This Working Group strives to promote and coordinate interdisciplinary collaboration on research, demonstration and innovation activities to develop improvements in the technology of RE-Desalination, reducing its costs and increasing public awareness. It is opened to the WG members and to new comers who are kindly requested to send an email to or

  • TUE February 9, 2016, 09:00-17:30. Energy in Water ESCP Project Kick Off Meeting

Energy in Water (E’NW) is a new European Strategic Cluster Partnership (ESCP), comprising seven research driven clusters in five EU countries which aims to nurture and harness the growth and innovation potential of European SMEs operating across the ‘water-energy Nexus’. The ESCP will develop a common strategy for the partnership members to drive the international competitiveness of these European enterprises, developing solutions to global challenges and emerging market opportunities. This partnership will enable the participating clusters and regions to bring together knowledge and innovation potential by collaborating and mutually learning across sectors and trans-nationally. The ESCP will provide a launch pad for SMEs, and will evolve into an open European platform of excellence through which the participating research-driven clusters and regions will collaborate, identify common solutions and prepare for global competition across the water-energy Nexus via dedicated internationalisation measures. The ESCP will be directly supported by the wide geographic and thematic scope of the partnership and the global nature of water-energy Nexus, which will unlock new business opportunities, boost competitiveness and promote international visibility of SMEs. If you are interested in more information about the project or future events relevant to the project, please contact Mr. Green at

  • THU February 11, 2016, 09:00-13:00. EIP Water Action Group ESE - Ecosystem Services for Europe internal members meeting

The list is updated frequently!