The EIP Water has taken a look at various kinds of “Water Innovation Hubs” or “Alliances”. The objective is to develop a continuously growing overview of these “hubs”. As a first step we have identified all relevant hubs globally known to us, analysed their publicly available information and categorized them according to various criteria such as their general and geographical focus, their core constituency, their technology stage focus and their activities.

We are pleased to present the result – a first overview of water innovation hubs globally. The overview is expected to grow over time; more hubs will be added, and the already included hubs will be updated regularly.

In order to search the overview of water innovation hubs you may use the following filters:

  1. Geographical focus, which refers to the region(s) in which the hub is active.
  2. Activities, i.e. the type of benefits which each hub offers. There are three main activity groups: intelligence tools, services, and policy actions. Each group contains a list of specific activities.

For further clarification of the used terminology and concepts please consult the hubs glossary at the bottom of this page (and at each hub page).

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us in case you wish to add a hub or make us aware of any necessary changes in our overview.

The mission of The Maritime Alliance is "Promoting Blue Tech & Blue Jobs".

NETWERC H2O founded by universities, research centres and various European, Middle Eastern and American bodies, is an association for European municipal and regional governments whose objective is...

NEWIN is a non-profit water industry cluster for New England (US) that accelerates innovation to market by catalyzing water industry collaboration and through start-up ecosystem services, many of...

Nederlands Membraangenootschap (Dutch Membrane Society) was established in 1991 building on a previous research programme (IOP membrane technology), and aims to be a reference point on membrane...

OWTI is a non-profit group formed to advance Oregon’s position as a leader in the water technology sector.

Pôle DREAM is a national French water cluster, established in 2010, bringing together companies and research organizations.