Research associate Jean-Baptiste Burnet

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I am native Belgian who grew up inLuxembourg and moved to Quebec since september 2014, where I work at Polytechnique Montreal as a research associate with Prof. Dorner and Prof. Prévost's research chairs. After completing my studies in Biological Sciences in Belgium, I performed a complementary Master in Environmental Sciences and earned my PhD in the field of microbial water quality assessment and monitoring from the University of Liège, Belgium, in collaboration with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology. After a brief appointment as coordinator of international scientific conferences in the field of Systems Biomedicine, I started my postdoctoral research at Polytechnique Montreal on the biotic interactions between fecal bacteria and lacustrine zooplankton communities. Since March 2016, my research mainly focuses on the analytical validation and deployment of an online monitoring technology towards assessment of the vulnerability of drinking water supplies to fecal pollution and related microbial hazards across Québec and Canada. I am also interacting on several internal projects through the training of undergraduate, MSc, and PhD students within Prof. Dorner’s and Prévost’s research chairs. My interest in rapid online monitoring technlogies has been growing since 2016 and I am very keen to develop my professional network in Europe.