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WATEF Water Efficiency Network

The Water Efficiency (WATEF) Network is a growing international group of industry, academic, private and public individuals and organisations that work together to explore and promote interdisciplinary water innovation. The network provides a forum to collaboratively explore the supply, treatment, distribution, risk monitoring, improved efficiency and conservation of water, water-energy-food nexus, resilience and flood/drought risk management, WASH etc.

EIP Water - European Innovation Partnership on Water

The European Innovation Partnership on Water - EIP Water in short - is an initiative within the EU 2020 Innovation Union of the European Union. The EIP Water facilitates the development of innovative solutions to address major European and global water challenges. The EIP Water pools expertise and resources by bringing together public and private actors at EU, national and regional level, combining supply- and demand-side measures. The EIP Water aims to remove barriers by advancing and leveraging existing solutions.

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EWA European Water Association

The European Water Association (EWA) is an independent non-governmental, non-profit organisation covering the entire water sector and contributes to sustainable water management, a safe water supply and the protection of the water and soil environment. It provides a forum for the discussion of key technical and policy issues affecting the growing European region, via conferences, workshops, meetings and expert groups.


European Water Partnership

The European Water Partnership is a not-for profit organisation that aims to unite and mobilize people and stakeholders around its common water vision for Europe, that develops policies, standards and shares best-practices to effectively address Europe’s water challenges.


R2Market - Water Research to Market

Water Research to Market project aims to add a step between research and the existing technology transfer schemes to SME by pro-actively assessing and promoting research outputs, while targeting not only the companies but also their (potential) customers and investors. Its activities are: brokerage events, seminars, eSeminars, eFairs, eTools, papers and briefs. R2Market started as a LIFE project in 2010.



NETWERC H2O founded by universities, research centres and various European, Middle Eastern and American bodies, is an association for European municipal and regional governments whose objective is the promotion and development of sustainable practices related to the management of water.



The INNEON network for eco-innovation investment aims to extend public and private funding sources available for eco-innovation and social innovation in Europe. It provides a forum dedicated to the interaction between a select cohort of innovators and relevant investors.


ICT4WATER is a hub for 15 sister projects on ICT and Water Management, funded by the EC, aiming to address challenges in: decision supporting systems for the measurement of water quality and quantity including the recycling and water reuse processes, as well as the necessity for increased interoperability between water information systems at EU and national levels and efficiency of water resources management. ICT4Water is linked to the EIP Water Action Group Ctrl+Swan (AG126).


Denmark knows Water

Rethink Water is a network of over 60 companies, organisations and institutions, specialising in water efficiency. The network brings together a diverse mix of consulting companies, technology suppliers, clients, researchers and governmental bodies, who have joined forces to share knowledge and through this collaboration create stronger solutions for water security and increased water efficiency.


WIN Water Innovation Accelerator (SE)

Water Innovation Accelerator (WIN) is a business network (Lund, Sweden) that facilitates faster market access to innovative products and services. Founded in January 2012, the WIN network consists of small innovative companies as well as large corporations and other organizations such as universities and municipalities. WIN assists water-related innovations by providing a market arena, coaching, assistance with financing and more. Companies can realize their growth potential through WIN.



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