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Blue Tech Valley

The BlueTechValley describes itself as "the world’s Water Hub, where great ideas and concepts unite to launch sustainable businesses focused on global growth opportunities related to start-ups and established companies, creating a rich context for testing, development, and commercializing of innovative water and energy technology."

AGWA Akron Global Water Alliance

In response to the escalating concern over water quality, the Akron Global Water Alliance (AGWA) was formed in Northeast Ohio USA to face the challenge of how to effectively manage, treat and distribute clean water. Located near the shores of the world’s largest body of fresh water, the Great Lakes, AGWA has access to an abundant supply of water from Ohio lakes, rivers, streams, reservoirs and aquifers. AGWA’s Solution AGWA initiates, implements and commercializes the top water systems and technologies from across the U.S.

Promoting Technology Innovation for Clean and Safe Water - Water Technology Innovation Blueprint: Version 2

Our freshwater resources are limited and face mounting pressures from drought, flooding, pollution, population growth, and competition from many uses (e.g., ecosystem protection, drinking water, agriculture, energy production, recreation). Technology innovation can help address our water challenges and put us on a more sustainable path while supporting economic growth. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) aims to be a catalyst to promote and support technology innovation to protect and ensure the sustain­ ability of our water resources.

DeRISK - Design of Risk-reducing, Innovative-implementable Small-system Knowledge Center

DeRISK Center develops criteria that utilities and primacy agencies can use to assess and implement innovative technologies and provide new approaches to training engineers and operators to facilitate the long-term sustainable use of small drinking water systems in a continuous changing regulatory framework.


WINSSS Water Innovation Network for Sustainable Small Systems

WINSSS brings together a national team of experts to transform drinking water treatment for small water systems to meet the urgent need for state-of-the-art innovation, development, demonstration, and implementation of treatment, information, and process technologies in part by leveraging existing relationships with industry through the Massachusetts Water Cluster.


Imagine H2O

Image H2O host business plan competitions addressing specific water opportunities as an accelerator programme to help competing entrepreneurs turn their plans into transformational solutions. Our open innovation programming helps entrepreneurs identify problems that have social impact and major commercial market opportunities. Imagine H2O connects the most promising plans with world leaders in the water sector, government, and social enterprise to help turn new ideas into self-funding, high impact solutions.



At Ceres, our mission is to mobilize investor and business leadership to build a thriving, sustainable global economy. Changing capital market practices to incorporate long-term environmental and social risks instead of merely relying on short-term returns as a measure of economic health is a key component of our work.

The Water Council

Created by leaders in both business and education, The Water Council is convening the Milwaukee region’s existing water companies, government agencies, and non-profits, developing education programs to train our talent, and building partnerships that cut across all sectors and geographic boundaries.


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