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The Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT) is a multi-pronged initiative undertaken by WE&RF and WEF to help bring new water technology to the field quickly and efficiently. Overall, LIFT includes the following components:

• Technology Evaluations – Facility and industry end users share the cost of conducting demonstrations to accelerate adoption of new technologies (WE&RF Lead)

WEN - Pittsburgh Water Economy Network

WEN’s vision is to serve a critical role in strengthening Greater Pittsburgh’s and the tri-state region’s competitive advantage as a global center for water sector research, innovation, business development and responsible water resource sustainability. WEN’s mission is to help regional water sector stakeholders access new water sector business opportunities, encourage new company formation through innovative technology development and deployment, attract both national and international water-related industry, and promote responsible water resource sustainability.

Water Technology Innovation Cluster

The University of Arizona College of Engineering is pursuing the development of a water cluster. This water cluster is a network of universities, governments, and businesses that serves as a catalyst for economic development and protection of water resources. The EPA water cluster director believes that the University of Arizona and the Tucson-Phoenix communities could lead the way in sustainable water resource technology and management.


Tacoma Water Works Here

Located at the intersection of the Puget Sound and progress, the Tacoma area is home to more than 800,000 people—and 38 miles of waterfront. Making these two coexist may be an impossible task for some cities, but Tacoma has turned the impossible into a track record of environmental and commercial success. Following decades of industrial growth and development the City and a multitude of both public and private partners are packaging their environmental achievements for the global market.

OWTI Oregon Water Tech Innovators

OWTI is a non-profit group formed to advance Oregon’s position as a leader in the water technology sector. It includes representatives from private businesses, government, academia, trade associations, and economic development. OWTI's efforts encompass all aspects of the water cycle – as many technologies have cross-over applications, and companies and researchers working in differing parts of the water sector have much that they can learn from each other.

Maritime Alliance

The mission of The Maritime Alliance is "Promoting Blue Tech & Blue Jobs". The non-profit The Maritime Alliance is the cluster organizer for the San Diego maritime technology community and fosters maritime business and technology innovation through collaboration around the U.S. and the world.

CWI Colorado Water Innovation Cluster

The Colorado Water Innovation Cluster was formed to stimulate collaboration and leverage community resources to drive economic development and primary jobs in Colorado. The organization utilizes the “triple helix” model which brings together resources from education, government and the private sector. Through collaborative efforts and unique projects, the Colorado Water Innovation Cluster will drive market development for new solutions addressing current and future water challenges. Colorado is home to hundreds of companies providing products and services meeting client needs around water.

CWA Cleveland Water Alliance

The Cleveland Water Alliance is fostering a robust Northeast Ohio water innovation hub of economic development & commercialization through its partnerships with industry, academia and government institutions. It aims to drive water innovation - spurring economic development, research, enhanced education, and sound public policy around clean water.


Confluence Water Technology Innovation Cluster

The idea to form a water technology cluster in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana stems from an initiative of the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA. This initiative recognizes the importance of harnessing regional expertise to encourage economic development, and environmental and human health protection. The success of technology clusters is based on committed strategic partnerships among key organizations from seven area sectors: universities, large corporations, emerging companies, federal government, state government, local government, and economic development associations.

COE Nevada Center of Excellence in Water

Nevada’s Water Center of Excellence was established to address water scarcity and water resource management and sustainability. With world-renowned experts at the helm, the Water COE aims to become the leading resource for global and municipal water management and sustainability. Built on advanced computing technology, a shared infrastructure and a common set of resources, the COE leverages the expertise of numerous premier hydrologic science and technology institutions to deliver services in water resource management and big-data analytics.


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