Eastern Europe

WssTP - Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform

WssTP coordinates and links between the European water industry actors and research since 2004, and has currently 137 members. It strives to:

- Foster collaborative, innovative and integrated European R&D;

- Ensure the European growth and competitiveness of the water sector;

- Provide global answers to global challenges for the next generations; and

- Address the challenges of an integrated and sustainable management of water resources.



ERRIN, European Regions Research and Innovation Network, is a network of more than 90 EU regions and their Brussels-based offices. ERRIN facilitates knowledge exchange, joint action and project partnerships with the aim to strengthen its member region's research and innovation capacities and enhance their success in EU programmes. ERRIN also aspires to influence EU policies in order to make them respond better to the needs of European regions and, to this end, engages in debate with EU institutions and participates in EU policy consultations.



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