WWTP and energy recovery in Russia

WWTP and energy recovery in Russia

The Russian food industry faces increasing legal demands on wastewater treatment and discharge. To prepare for the future and ensure a sustainable production, a large Russian meat producer is currently establishing a greenfield plant with an advanced wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) with energy recovery designed by ALECTIA. The modern WWTP has a capacity of more than 4,500 cubic metres (1.2 million US gallons) per day and is designed with special attention to operational safety and strict local regulations on wastewater management and discharge. The plant is located about 400 m from the production site and treats all the wastewater from here and from nearby farms which is collected through a central pump station. Energy recovery Incorporated technology for energy recovery brings further gains: a sludge digester generates biogas which is used for digester heating and heating of the WWTP operation building, thereby increasing both water and energy efficiency and production sustainability. The combination of advanced technology for wastewater treatment and energy recovery helps prepare the company for the future both financially and legally. Design specifications The WWTP design includes: Aerated equalization tankDissolved air floatationAerobic biological treatmentClarifiersSand filtrationActivated carbon filtrationUV disinfectionAnaerobic sludge digester

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