The planned activities of “WaterReg” project are composed of two complementary pillars both focusing on the economic regulation & governance of water services in Europe:

  1. Research area
  2. Capacity building area. 

1) Research area Working teams from different European countries have been identified, set up and gathered. These working teams are composed of the water & sanitation services national regulator, some key researchers and one key service operator. These teams represent the basis of the research work which will be done by “WaterReg” project. Indeed, researchers will work on issues and topics jointly defined with regulators and operators at the scale of their national water sector. They will use data from regulators and operators.

2) Capacity building area The capacity building area main activities will be to: - hold training courses on regulation in the water sector; - organise European seminars specifically dedicated to « WaterReg » project; - organise European multi-sector workshops & experience sharing with other network industry sectors (energy, railway sector etc…).

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