Water scarcity: Reduction of NRW in Rajkot, India

Water scarcity: Reduction of NRW in Rajkot, India

In 2013 Leif Koch joined a pilot projetc in Rajkot, India in collaobration with DHI and Grundfos. The goal was to improve and stabilize the water supply to the consumers in the area. Drinking water in this area is a scarce resource, therefore efficient distribution of water is very important. The consumers in the area of Rajkot only had running water in the tabs a few hours per day caused by water scarcity. Leif Koch was responisble for leakage detection on the supply network. We delt with household installations including installation of household meters, ball-type valves, automatic closing devices on the house tanks, control points in the main trunks, and meters within the pipes. Additionally, we trained staff so they could check the valves and perform other relevant procedures. The conclusion was that the total water use could be lowered substantially as a result of effective leakage detection and reparing. During the couple of days we were in Rajkot, we found 7 hidden leakages. As a result of active leakage detection in Rajkot, the NRW was reduced on the pipeline system. The pilot project in Rajkot was a great succes.

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