Water Saving Processes for Textile Production (WASATEX)

Water Saving Processes for Textile Production (WASATEX)

The WASATEX project uses an innovative combination of well-tested technologies in water treatment that allows the re-use up to 90% of water treated with Wasatex technology, in any part of the industrial processes.  This allows a significant savings in water itself, in costs associated to its discharge and to incoming water.A further reduction of environmental impact is due to a lower consumption of natural resources to heat the incoming water (because the re-used water has a temperature of 30°C against 15°C of well water), with a consequent fewer gaseous emissions and a cost saving related to fuel.For the execution of the Wasatex project was chosen the production plant in Osjek- Croatia of group Benetton Tekstil (the Benetton group production and distribution branch for Croatia), which currently re-uses in production processes only 5-10% of water, treated only with a biological plant and standard clarifier.However, the system has substantial potential of exploitation, addressing the needs of the textile industry, and being re-adaptable to other water intensive productions such as paper, tannery or the agro-food sector.


  • Through recycling of treated water for industrial processes, it is possible to obtain a Net Saving cost of about 42%, mainly due to a reduction in the consumption of primary water and natural gas
  • The reduction of environmental impact is summarized in a water conservation of 64% and a lower production of C02 of 64% due to lower demand of natural gas for heating water

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