Stuttgart Region Landscape Park

Stuttgart Region Landscape Park

The Goal

The main goal of the project is to support municipalities to design, implement, and fund green infrastructure projects through the "Landscape Park Co-funding Competition". The concept of the "Landscape Park" embeds the integration of green infrastructure into the overall development of the region and underlines its potential as a locational factor that is worth preserving and improving. Furthermore, enhancing and interweaving open spaces will significantly contribute to the increase of the quality of life of the communities as well as maintain the attractiveness of the area.

Local Task Force

The project is led and financed by the Verband Region Stuttgart (VRS) and its directly elected Regional Assembly, which supports 179 municipalities within the Stuttgart region. Until now, even though nearly half of the municipalities have participated in the competition, there is still a number of them that do not count with enough human or financial resources to participate, while others (especially in the rural areas) do not feel the need to enhance its green infrastructure network as their current natural environment is already quite attractive.

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