Solar Powered Pump Systems to Schools in China

Solar Powered Pump Systems to Schools in China

This SQFlex system donation to Chinese schools in rural areas consists of a solar panel, a submerging pump, a stainless steel water tank, control panel plus wiring and piping. Grundfos developed the project concept, donated the hardware, and provided a one-year system guarantee.

The donation was made through China Children and Teenager Fund which was very instrumental in site selection, logistics and project coordination with the local government.
Expanding to more schools
One of the SQFlex systems has been installed in a school in the city Baoding in Hebei province. Based on the operation result, it is Grundfos’s intention to further expand this initiative to cover more schools in 2010 and attract external sponsors in the future which will create a much bigger social and environmental impact in rural China.
There are two different key objectives in this project; firstly, to provide solar powered pump systems to schools in poor rural areas in China to secure a stable supply of drinking water for students at a much reduced cost; secondly, to reinforce education in clean energy and sustainable development among students.
The pilot project in 2009 would provide system integration and operational experiences for 5 similar projects to be implemented in the course of 2010. The initiative was developed by Grundfos China and will be implemented through China Children and Teenager Fund.
Through this project Grundfos does not only provide a stable supply of and access to drinking water, but also reduces the electricity bill for the school. The saving could then be used for other education programs. Apart from the direct environmental impact of using less grid power, a more profound effect on environmental education is also generated.

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