Smart Cities

Smart Cities

The world population is growing and so is the need for a better environment, efficient energy services and good mobility.
At the same time more people prefer to live in cities. Cities grow and new cities develop. This is a challenge, but also an opportunity to serve the population with environental friendly solutions and thermal services in a smart and sustainable way. In smart energy cities low-carbon energy can e.g. be provided in a more cost effective way to buildings than in remote areas.
The European Community has adopted the idea of Smart Energy Cities in the European Energy Policy, e.g. as presented in the Energy Efficiency Plan 2011.
Moreover the EU promotes integration of smart energy grids for electricity, DH&C and natural gas in interaction with buildings.
The EU directives for strategic environmental assessment, buildings, renewable energy and energy efficiency outlines how to reduce the fossil fuel consumption to buildings to almost zero in a cost effective way. That is:
to co-ordinate all sectorsto plan for DH&C, in order to use renewable energy and CHP through this infrastructureto locate new power generation with respect to the CHP potential in the DH&C gridsto supply buildings with almost zero-carbon energy in a cost effective way taking into account the opportunity of DH&CLikewise the smart city includes smart infrastructure for transport and environment.
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Ramboll has more than 40 years of Danish experience in smart city infrastructure for energy, environment and traffic.
Besides Ramboll has more than 20 years of international experience adjusting this experience to the local conditions.
Ramboll provides as an independent consultant all services needed in a smart city concept, among others:
a holistic approach integrating buildings and urban infrastructureplanning, design, procurement, supervision, operation and managementassessment of feasible and cost effective solutions for the whole society, the local community, the consumers and the investorslegal, institutional and financial issuesdistrict heating and coolingcombined heat and power plantswaste-to-energy plantsthermal storages in large tanks and pitsbiogas and slugde treatment plantsmobility managementwater supply systemswaste water systemnatural gas systems and storageslarge wind farm infrastructure off-shore or on-shore to supply citieslage scale solar water heatingbiomass boilersAll our smart city references are available in Greater Copenhagen.
In new urban development schemes in new city districts in e.g. Copenhagen, Moscow and Chicago we have demonstrated how urban planning can integrate the important traffic, energy and environment infrastructure, adjusted to the local conditions.

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