SIPE - An environmental Standards Information Portal for Europe

SIPE - An environmental Standards Information Portal for Europe

FP7 project (grant agreement no: 308372) started on 1 September 2012 and will run till 31 August 2014.

The aim of SIPE is to promote and increase the use of research results in support of Standards (related to the environmental compartments air, water, soil and waste) to stakeholders from Research, Standardisation bodies, policy and enterprises/SMEs.

A dedicated web based Standards Information Portal (SIPE-RTD) is developed and implemented. Easy transfer of information is facilitated by an input module and a document repository.

An Interfacing Group, consisting of invited stakeholders’ representatives comments on the initial concept and guides the development and implementation of the portal. They are instrumental to ensure that SIPE-RTD develops into a fit-for-use and sustainable entity. Public participation is organised via a Stakeholder Network.

Information on EC funded research projects in support of Standards and their results, and Standards related to the mentioned sectors is collected. EC Directives in these areas and their policy tasks are collated. The same set of keywords is used to describe all data sets. This pool of (Standards related) keywords are interlinked by algorithms into a categorisation scheme of keywords. This scheme forms the basis for the interactions within and between the stakeholder communities, and can be used for gap analyses.

Information on RTD projects (and their results), information on Standards and Directives is entered into SIPE-RTD. Short descriptions in non-scientific language are entered together with web-links.

To maximise dissemination to all stakeholders target audiences are defined and their networks / professional organisations mapped. Dissemination will be two-way: inform all stakeholders on the activities of the SIPE project and inform all on the benefits of SIPE RTD as an important tool in communication between different Standards communities. The Interfacing Group and a Stakeholder Network test and validate SIPE-RTD and support dissemination to their respective audiences.


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