SENSORS, Sensors and Communications Systems for the Marine Environment

SENSORS, Sensors and Communications Systems for the Marine Environment

Beaufort Sensors project is a multidisciplinary research programme. It focuses on the development of bio-sensing platforms for such topical targets as microbes, parasites, pathogens and toxins. At the moment measurement in this area are performed primarily through grab sampling at a limited number of locations and times, which is followed by analysis back at a centralised facility. This cannot guarantee complete knowledge of the water quality and in practice fails to prevent emergency situations such as the Cryptosporidium outbreak in Galway in 2007. The ultimate goal for the developed bio-sensing platforms is to be capable of remote sampling, to perform analysis over extended period of time and to integrate the obtained data in the environmental network database, which will be available in a real time one the web. This will help to locate the source of pollution in the shortest time and enable a rapid response in order to minimise the impact on the population and to prevent further contamination of distribution systems.

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Marine Institute not EPA
Prof. Fiona Regan / Prof. Dermot Diamond

Keywords: Sensors; Water quality; Monitoring; Bacteria

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