Wastewater treatment is considered as an economic burden on an industrialist, especially for small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) rather than as a business opportunity. This proposal aims to develop energy efficient, cost effective and natural effluent treatment process package for industrial effluents from SMEs and domestic sewage, which would make this operation a profitable venture through recovery of resources and reclaiming renovated water for reuse. The approach is based on biogas recovery through high rate anaerobic digestion system that is applicable in both hot and cold climates. Targeting treatment and recovery of resources from low strength effluent is challenging. Hence an integrated approach for anaerobic treatment would be taken up through combination of various modules/options of treating post digested effluents. The treatment of digested effluent would be evaluated through three different options, namely, a natural wetlands system for removal of residual COD, nutrients, solids and pathogens, a co-culture system of methane oxidizing bacteria and microalgae (‘Methalgae’) for utilization of dissolved methane and a biological filtration/adsorption system for removal of micropollutants. The treatment of post digested effluents would be carried out for recovering biomass and renovated water through removal of nutrients, recalcitrant compounds, micropollutants and pathogens.

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