Regenerating PVC HOses and Sponsoring Eco-Sustainability (RHOSES)

Regenerating PVC HOses and Sponsoring Eco-Sustainability (RHOSES)

RHOSES project aims at the first commercialization and large distribution of a novel product: a flexible, ecological garden hose, made up of a large percentage of recycled PVC obtained via the Vinyloop technique. Comparing Vinyloop recycled material with conventional PVC compound, the Energy Demand is 46% lower and the Global Warming Potential decreased by 39%. The hoses will be developed by regenerating PVC material found in used hoses and which is difficult to recycle as it is part of composite material.Consumer themselves will provide the hoses to be recycled in exchange of incentives for buying new hose. The formula 'old hoses vs. new hoses' is the kind of promotion that will be used in LOD (Large-scale Organized Distribution) in Eastern Europe. LOD is the retail sector that reaches the largest consumers' share. By promoting the commercialisation of the final product through the LOD channels, the project is able to create a new market for recycled products collected directly in the point of sales.


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