R3 Water

R3 Water

Innovation for urban wastewater treatment

The challenge

R3Water targets urban wastewater treatment, to support solving a number of challenges:

  • Needs for increased Resource efficient treatment in wastewater treatment
  • Needs for saving and Reuse of water
  • Needs for increased Recovery of substances

Project Objectives

The main objective of R3 Water is to support the transition from an urban wastewater treatment plant to a production unit of different valuables by demonstrating new solutions to address main challenges. Objectives are to:

  • Demonstrate technologies and solutions for increased efficiency in Urban wastewater treatment
  • Demonstration of innovative wastewater technologies that enable reuse of water and recovery of valuables such as nutrients
  • Facilitate market uptake in the European union and on a global market.


R3 Water will develop and demonstrate innovative technologies at 3 sites (Belgium, Spain, Sweden) to facilitate the transition into a production unit:

  • Resource and climate efficient treatment, e.g. by efficient aeration and optimised process control
  • Facilitating water reuse, e.g. by improved monitoring
  • Recycling of nutrients and other valuables, e.g. by valorisation of sludge

Some technologies will be verified according to the EU ETV-scheme. Results will be disseminated to relevant stakeholder groups.

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