Pilots on sustainable water management

Pilots on sustainable water management

Demonstration Site description

Inagro has several pilots for testing sustainable water management:

  • Inagro has a long term experience and testing capacity on recycling of nutrient solutions for different crops in hydroponic systems (endives, strawberry, tomatoes, lettuce on Mobile Gulley system (MGS), ...) and aquaponics. Inagro has the capacity to combine the recycling of nutrient water with test capacity for different disinfection techniques (e.g. UV and slow sand filtration). In this way the discharge of drainage water can be avoided;
  • Inagro has the equipment for tests about plant based irrigation in arable crops and in vegetables. In the experimental greenhouse, an experimental set-up with lysimeters allows comparison of actual evapotranspiration of lettuce with modelled data. The use of tissue to mimic soil water loss, allows separate estimation of evaporation and transpiration.

Inagro also focusses on avoiding contamination of surface and ground water with PPPs (Plant Protection Products) through correct management of contaminated liquids during filling and cleaning processes of spray equipment on farm. Management of contaminated liquids (spray remnants) is critical and therefore, Inagro tests, demonstrates and uses different systems to treat cleaning water of the sprayer used in field trials. Inagro has experience in:

  • Bioremediation systems, such as the phytobac and biofilter. Bioremediation systems consists of a biological active matrix which retains the PPPs into organic matter or soil particles, where microbial degradation of the PPPs occurs.
  • Sentinel®, which is a chemico-physicochemical system to clean spray remnant water.
  • Inagro is also testing the fyt-o-cleaner®, which is a system to treat spray remnant water based on oxidation

reaction techniques and UV.

Results obtained so far

Many projects on the recycling of nutrient water, on plant based irrigation and on cleaning of waste water after crop protection.

Success factors

Inagro has a long term experience in introducing agricultural research results and new techniques in practice and has a strong collaboration with farmers and regional stakeholders.

Performance indicators

Flemish agriculture is rather intensive with limited availability of suitable water for irrigation and with severe legislation on water environment.
Water use efficiency, water reuse and water cleaning systems are common and are continuously ameliorated.

Repeatability & Applicability

Upcoming new aspects are picked up continuously, scientific research is translated for applications by farmers.

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