OxyClean Ballast water treatment system

OxyClean Ballast water treatment system

OxyClean G8 type approval Type Approved by Lloyd’s Register of Ships in November 2012 Granted final approval by IMO in October 2012 Our OxyClean Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) tested for use also in fresh water is now type approved by Lloyds Register of Ships! This is the first UV-type BWTS which has been IMO-tested on land in fresh water! The system is fully certified according to the requirements and guidelines adopted by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in the Ballast Water Management Convention. Proven effective in all water salinities – including fresh water with UV-T (UV-Transmission) as low as 0.38. Technical Specifications The DESMI Ocean Guard OxyClean BWTS consists of three main steps of treatment; The first treatment step is pressurized filtration. Second treatment step is UV irradiation with low pressure lamps. The third and last treatment step is utilization of the ozone generated by the low pressure UV lamps in the previous step. Finally, the treated water is ready to be directed to the ballast tanks. DESMI Ocean Guard OxyClean system also treats the water during de-ballasting for additional reasons. Tests onboard vessels have shown that bacteria will live and grow inside the ballast tanks, eggs may be hatched and some organisms may survive and grow during the weeks, potentially months, which passes before the ballast water is discharged. This means that the ballast water will be contaminated by these bacteria and organisms regardless of treatment prior to entering the ballast tank. The risk of having too high a level of bacteria or organisms is not acceptable to DESMI Ocean Guard, so second treatment when de-ballasting is ensuring compliance with IMO discharge standards at all times.

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