Novi Iskar Agri-Business Incubator

Novi Iskar Agri-Business Incubator

Setting-up an agri-business incubator that aids local economy by creating new enterprises, improving competitiveness and responding to local agricultural market.

The Goal

The project aims to support the local (circular) economy by creating new small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and employment; improving competitiveness through the use of qualified professional guidance and applied science; making a better use of agricultural land, and establishing creative local community relationships. In this regard, the project intends to act as a response to Sofia market demand for local vegetables, fruit, and traditionally processed food and, the preservation of local agricultural species.

Local Task Force

The main facilitator of the project was the Sofia Municipality TURAS team together with a large number of participants coming from a wide range of backgrounds such as, Sofia Green System, Ecology and Land Use Directorate, Novi Iskar District Administration, Institute of Agricultural Economics, Joint Genome Center (JGC) between Sofia University and Agricultural Academy, and the local firm EVRIS Ltd.(flower growers). Several others were invited to join in such as the Union of Fruit and Vegetables Processors, the National Union of Gardeners in Bulgaria, among others.

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