Noise, MSFD - Support Research on Descriptor 11 (Noise)

Noise, MSFD - Support Research on Descriptor 11 (Noise)

There is currently no monitoring program in place for monitoring noise in the marine environment in Ireland and baseline data do not exist. The proposed research will support the development of criteria in relation to the MSFD GES Descriptor 11 for Ireland (i.e. introduction of energy, including underwater noise, is at levels that do not adversely affect the marine environment) including both Indicators. The objectives require the combination of expertise in data mining, signal processing, sound propagation modelling, and marine biology in Irish waters, and the proposed research will provide the information necessary for the development of indicators 11.1 and 11.2 as specified in the MSFD. This will be necessary for assessing their suitability as indicators and for further refinement or rejection if deemed unsuitable. In this case, the research will contribute to the justification that Ireland will be obliged to present to the Commission. Expected outputs include a dissemination workshop, website, peer-reviewed journal articles, and conference presentations to ensure wide communication and maximise policy impact. The project will deliver a database of licensed activities in Irish EEZ that produce loud low and mid frequency sounds, a GIS database of environmental variables, a preliminary Atlas of Noise for Irish waters, and potential risk maps for marine mammals to help address requirements of the MSFD. This project will build capacity in this growing research area in Ireland, and will support the Governments objective of raising the international profile of Irish research capabilities.

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Environmental Protection Agency 2011-W-MS-7
Gerald Sutton

Keywords: Noise monitoring; Marine environment; Monitoring criteria; Policy

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