New developments in Water Accounts Implementation in Guadiana river basin (GuaSEEAW+)

New developments in Water Accounts Implementation in Guadiana river basin (GuaSEEAW+)

Project description

The Preparatory Action on development of prevention activities to halt desertification in Europe will fund New developments in Water Accounts Implementation in Guadiana river basin (GuaSEEAW+). The project aims to continue obtaining new, current and detailed information on water resources to demonstrate water saving potential by the identification of management, technical and economic measurements with the view to halting desertification in Europe. GuaSEEAW+ is a continuation of GuaSEEAW project carried out during previous call, in which 13 SEEAW tables were implemented at monthly resolution and several indicators were obtained from these tables to improve water saving.

Expected results

The main result of the project will be the development of an on-site waste-water decontamination plant able to completely degrade pesticides without generating any other residue.
The main expected long-term achievement of the project is the implementation of the Aquemfree system in medium- size and large farms, which would provide a solution for 80-90% of this environmental problem, at least in Mediterranean farms thanks to their solar irradiation conditions.

SEEAW is an information system that feeds knowledge into decision-making process, assisting policy makers in taking informed decisions on:

a) Allocating water resources efficiently.
b) Improving water efficiency.
c) Understanding the impacts of water management on all users.
d) Getting the most value for money from investment in infrastructure.
e) Linking water availability and use.
f) Providing a standardized information system which harmonizes information from different sources, is accepted by the stakeholders and it’s used for the derivation of indicators.
g) Getting stakeholders involved in decision-making.

SEEAW comprises five categories of accounts: Physical supply and use tables and emission accounts, Hybrid and economic accounts, Assets accounts, Quality accounts and Valuation of water resources.

Success factors

Multi-actor approach: final users, research institutions an SME are involved in the project.
Research institutions: IMIDA
Final users: Guadiana river basin Office; Spanish Ministry of Agriculture (MAGRAMA); National Statistics Institute (INE).
SME: SM GEODIM ( Project coordinator ), ZETA AMALTEA

Performance indicators

The project includes the evaluation of the prototypes from the technical, environmental and economic points of view.

Repeatability & Applicability

The final objective is will implement water resources balances at the local scale and monthly resolution elaborated in the framework of the SEEAW, as well as the identification of new measures that allow an optimal water management in Guadiana international river basin, for last hydrological year (2010 -2011).

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