Moving Towards a More Sustainable Fish Industry

Moving Towards a More Sustainable Fish Industry

Atlanfish Ltd. is a leading processor of Irish seafood products based in Carndonagh Co. Donegal. The CGPP project at Atlanfish aimed to study and monitor the consumption of natural resources and implement process improvements to reduce waste. During the project a production management system was implemented to monitor the generation of waste through the production process. Through the auditing of the information generated by the production management system and studies of water and energy use throughout the process a number of process improvements were implemented. Other changes were made to the purchasing system to encourage fishermen to return underweight or sub-standard material back to the sea and re-use rejected material as bait. These improvements have resulted in: i) 26% water usage reduction ii 2% product wastage reduction iii) over 11000 per annum savings iv over 150000 per annum increased sales.

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Environmental Protection Agency 2004-CP2-K
Suzanne McDermott

Keywords: Seafood Industry; Natural resource use; Biodegredation; Resource efficient

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