Macroom - Towards A Sustainable Inudstrial Environmental Economy

Macroom - Towards A Sustainable Inudstrial Environmental Economy

Cork County Council, Macroom Town Council, South Cork Enterprise Board, Cork County Energy Office, the Lee Valley Eco Label Project and the Lee Valley Enterprise Board have formed an alliance aimed at developing sustainable industry in the Macroom area. The main initiative of this project will be to develop a programme for the industrial base of the Macroom area which will facilitate the implementation of cleaner and greener production practices over the following years. It will be necessary to co-ordinate the industrial base of the area and assimilate the necessary information on just what each organisation/company is currently doing. This will allow a benchmarking process to be put in place against which future success can be measured. Envisaged here would be carrying out of surveys into the raw materials and resources which are being used, the amount of waste which is generated by each organisation and how this is currently dealt with, the amount of water and effluent which is required and produced, the energy levels which are currently required and also establish the pattern of use in relation to the energy consumption along with the levels of knowledge which currently exist in each company with regard to both environmental legislation and best practice. Additionally it is proposed to utilise tools such as design for environment, cleaner production, life cycle analysis, audit, and metrics systems as a means of improving process efficiencies, raising management skills and increasing business performance as well as improving product marketability. Through legislative trending for each business and product it is envisaged that a proactive approach will be taken to product and business evolution which will integrate business and evironmental sustainability. The strategic aims and deliverables are: 1. Implementation of an environmentally sustainable business support system within Macroom Town Council, local industry and the E.I.P.; 2. Develop business support tools by utilisation of Life Cycle Analysis, Design for Environment metrics and audit processes and to thereby develop environment and business programs which will support a mutually beneficial business and environmental sustainability; 3. Additionally review opportunities for business and product development and growth based on a proactive approach to product, market and environmental legislative requirements; 4. Increase environmental awareness and ensure inclusion of all stakeholders; 5. Recognise Macroom as a centre of environmental excellence and utilise this in the marketing of the town for socio-economic development; 6.Provide a conduit for community and industrial involvement in the development of Macroom, and 7. Identify and develop with business opportunities for implementation of cleaner production, new products and process development.

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Environmental Protection Agency 2001-CP-21
Noel O'Driscoll

Keywords: Indusrty; Waste; Resource; Sustainability

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