Ljubljana Region: Dealing with flood risk and mobility challenges

Ljubljana Region: Dealing with flood risk and mobility challenges

Green engine of development, metropolitan region of knowledge.

The vision was developed by key stakeholders in the process of preparation of the Regional Development Programme for the period 2014 – 2020.The Ljubljana urban region will respect the natural and cultural environment and its carrying capacity and will build its future on knowledge, innovation, creativity and the synergy between all important players and sectors. The region will be a healthy, attractive and safe place for high-quality living. The overhauled transport infrastructure will be in line with sustainable mobility principles and appropriate spatial planning to reduce environmental burdens and provide comfortable, fast and affordable access to services of general interest for all residents. Detained suburbanization, flood protection measures and appropriate relation to climate occurrences will minimise flood risks and actual flood damage and ensure safer living environment.

To achieve regional goals we need to work together, cross-sectoral and coordinated at all levels of governance: national, regional and local. Thus obtained solutions are better and also easier to implement. It is important that all who will later have a function in the implementation of strategic tasks are involved in the preparation of the strategy from the beginning.

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