LIFE REGENERA LIMIA - Development of demostrative solutions to reduce the water contamination of agrarian origin in the Limia basin

LIFE REGENERA LIMIA - Development of demostrative solutions to reduce the water contamination of agrarian origin in the Limia basin

LIFE REGENERA LIMIA aims to protect and regenerate the region’s river system, by demonstrating a series of techniques to reduce the presence of certain nutrients in the region’s fresh water supply, in particular those associated with agricultural activities.

Specific objectives are to: 1. Demonstrate better environmental management of farmland through the use of organic fertilisers. This will be done using an online integrated control system showing both economic and environmental gains;

2. Develop solutions for improved management of farm waste: the project proposes to create intensive artificial wetlands (a system of ponds) as a natural method of water-filtering; 3. Prove that the environmental regeneration of modified rivers, and the regeneration and reconnection of pond systems, are possible and can contribute to reducing both the presence of nutrients in the water and eutrophication. Such interventions would allow for the recovery of local ecosystems of importance to the Natura 2000 sites; and 4. Improve the distribution of information related to the use of fertilisers among farmers and other concerned professionals. 

Expected results: The expected results include:

  • A soil map and nutrient retention indexes of the region’s farmland;
  • An integrated fertiliser control system for farmland – to serve as an online tool for the use of fertilisers;
  • Ten plots of farmland monitored through the pilot control system;
  • A 30% reduction in the use of fertilisers per plot of land dedicated to crops (potatoes, cereals and vegetables);
  • A 50% reduction in the use of fertilisers per pasture plot;
  • A 60% reduction in greenhouse gases, by reducing the application of dung, slurry and nitrogenised mineral fertilisers;
  • An artificial pond system created as a prototype for wastewater treatment;
  • The treatment of 53 m3 of slurry per day (this equates to the waste generated by over 1 000 female pigs) in a closed cycle, by means of the artificial wetland;
  • Approximately 5 ha of former floodplain restored to its original status in the “Veiga Ponteliñares” Natura 2000 site;
  • An reduction in the average concentration of pollution parameters in the water flowing from the Veiga Ponteliñares Natura 2000 site: 15% reduction in nitrates; 15% in ammonium; 15% in phosphorus and 30% of BOD5;
  • The restoration on 5-10 ha of a degraded sand pond and its integration into the Laguna de Antela canal system;
  • Monitoring of water quality, biological indicators and GHGs present in the nutrients of the soil on the demonstration plots.

Contact person: Alberto de Anta Montero
Tel: 34988366180
Fax: 34988366175

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