LIFE-BRAINYMEM - Advanced-control MBR for wastewater reclamation

LIFE-BRAINYMEM - Advanced-control MBR for wastewater reclamation

The main objective of the LIFE-BRAINYMEM project is to demonstrate that Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR) technology with an advanced control system is the best available technology for wastewater treatment, in terms of environmental impact and effluent quality. It will establish a MBR pilot plant, whose aeration (biological and membrane) will be controlled via a novel advanced control system.

Specifically, the project aims to:

Control the air scouring of the plant based on fouling rate plant data registered and processed by the SCADA of the demonstration plant;
Control the biological aeration based on online analysis of nitrification by-products, which are reliable indicators of nitrification performance;
Enhance trace organic pollutant removal and increase sludge filterability (when needed) by means of including flux-enhancer dosing, controlled by the advanced control system, to the activated sludge of the plant; and
Transfer the acquired knowledge to stakeholders by means of specific education and dissemination strategies and platforms as well as recommendations to policy makers.

Expected results:

  • An 25% reduction in energy use for MBR aeration, and a subsequent CO2 emissions’ reduction of 0.076 kgCO2/m3 treated water;
  • GHG emission reductions of 4.130 kgCO2/m3 treated water;
  • An 50-70% increase in micropollutant removal; and 
  • Dissemination activities organised by Spanish water agencies and international water organisations, as well as good contacts made with relevant actors of the sector.

Contact person: Juan Barón Segarra
Tel: 34933351500
Fax: 34933356021

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