Latex replacement for automotive interior felts and building industry (LATEXFRI)

Latex replacement for automotive interior felts and building industry (LATEXFRI)

The Latexfri Eco-Innovation project is a European project dedicated to industrial start of innovative powder impregnated nonwovens replacing conventional latex coated products.Targeted markets are Automotive and Building industry. The project team is composed of a nonwoven manufacturer (TWE group), a technology provider (FIBROLINE) and a specialist of extrusion moulding (MAPEA).Initial part of the project will consist to install a first industrial line of the innovative solution. Fibroline will bring to TWE required know-how on the technology to work together on the industrial equipment design and specifications. After this initial step, the partners will optimize the process and product parameters in order to define the best technico-economic balance during production.This project will also allow the partners to validate the savings linked to the innovative solution. The production method, product composition as well as end of life management (LCA, waste recycling...) will be studied in comparison to existing latex coating, in particular with MAPEA, experienced in the recycling solutions.In addition, market studies will be conducted on the automotive and building felts in order to maximize the market penetration of the technology.Finally, additional business opportunities will be investigated in order to define the global potential of the innovative solution.

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