Køge North Station - A landmark for green mobility

Køge North Station - A landmark for green mobility

Køge North Station will be a characteristic landmark for green mobility in the capital region of Copen­hagen. A simple design, minimal use of resources and materials, and minimal maintenance costs have been key points in the development of the design. The main element is a bridge combining Denmark’s most trafficked freeway with the existing local Copenhagen train line and the planned double-tracked rail line for high-speed trains. The bridge will be a new gateway to Copenhagen for the 90.000 people passing through the area daily, and a significant step on the commute for the expected 8.000 daily users of Køge North Station. The pedestrian bridge is an elegant, simple and 225 meter long steel construction with a light superstructure. The bridge spans the freeway with a simple grip and is developed with great consideration to creating the best possible traffic flow. The south side of the facade is closed, functioning as a solar screen, while the north side is left open providing a stunning 180 degrees panoramic view over the cultural landscape and lively traffic. Solar cells are placed on the roofs in the surrounding park and ride facility. The bridge has natural ventilation – air blows in below the windows and is discarded through the roof. Padded with wooden lamellae, the inside of the bridge becomes a warm and welcoming area, while the outside has a more rough expression with perforated steel plates matching the materials of the surrounding infrastructual system. The perforated steel plates are long-lasting and the simple construction of prefabricated steel units ensures easy transport directly to the construction site. Rainwater and surface water is collected in rainwater tanks nearby, where the water is percolated locally. Location: Køge, Denmark Client: Banedanmark, Køge Municipality, DSB Properties Program: Pedestrian bridge, train station, associated park and ride facility and vision model Size: 225 m pedestrian bridge and 32.000 m2 park and ride facility Status: 1st prize in international competition 2014, completed end of 2018 Collaborators: DISSING+WEITLING, COWI

If you want to read more about this innovative solution, you can do so at stateofgreen.com, which also enables you to contact with the solution provider for a visit of the demonstration site

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