The proposed project is an interdisciplinary effort of specialists from water management and ICT research respectively to develop an intelligent Integrated Support System for Efficient WATer USage and resources management (ISS-EWATUS). The project will develop several innovative ICT methods aiming to exploit the untapped water-saving potential in EU. This main goal will be achieved by developing an innovative, multi-factor system capable to optimize water management and reduce water usage.

At household level: 

- To increase the awareness of water consumption an information system for gathering data about water usage is planned. The interpreted data will be presented to household consumers in an understandable way using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets);

- To reduce water consumption a household decision support system (DSS) for mobile devices will be developed.  Recommendations regarding water-saving devices and behaviour will be produced;

- To reinforce water-saving behaviour of consumers by means of social interactions among people (also linking consumers and experts of water-saving techniques) a social-media platform will be developed.

At urban level

- To reduce leakages at municipal level an innovative decision support system for reducing leaks in the water delivery system by the dynamic modifications of pumping and tank filling/emptying schedules;

- To induce water-saving behaviour and reduce peaks in water and energy distribution loads, an adaptive pricing policy as the economic instrument will be developed; By the validation at two differently characterized locations, the ISS-EWATUS will be sufficiently flexible to be exploited at any location in EU.

Appropriate training, manuals and dissemination will give people across EU an efficient tool for water conservation. The solutions of ISS-EWATUS for households will be offered at the huge commercial market of mobile applications. The rest of the solutions will be offered to water management companies in EU.

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