Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover

Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover

Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover is used on almost all forms of basins, lagoons, reservoirs, containers, ponds and tanks.

Since its launch in 2004, Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover has been chosen for a vast number of installations around the world making it the market leading solution.

Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover is the ideal solution for eliminating such things as emission, evaporation, organic growth, odors, UV effect, heat loss, etc. Further, the cover deters unwanted waterfowls from landing on covered waters.
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Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover;
Is the solid, robust and long lasting choiceHas no weak spots, no blow - / injection holesHas no hollow areas that eventually will break (due to i.e. frost)Is approved and preferred by authorities and public companies, organizations and bodiesQualifies for EQIP funding in the USManufactured from (recycled) PPFor technical specifications, please refer to out website.

If you want to read more about this innovative solution, you can do so at stateofgreen.com, which also enables you to contact with the solution provider for a visit of the demonstration site

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