In India, the availability of water for irrigation and industry is crucial due to the fact that its economy is agriculture based and the India’s industry is growing at a rapid pace. Further, the purification of contaminated water and further re-use may lighten the predicted shortage of water. In this way, water purification is of major importance to promote India as a self-sustained country and to alleviate poverty. In this context, reclaimed water appears as a promising water source in a country like India with regional disproportion between natural sources and water demand. Water purification processes need to follow the green chemistry principles in order to be sustainable and to promote a sustainable water management. This project aims at starting a new cooperation between different higher education organisations in Indian and in Europe in the area of water related research and to support advance research in the area of green chemistry and technology applied to water purification. This consortium consists of the European partners University of Cantabria, Spain (principal coordinator) and the University of Oulu, Finland, and of the Indian partner the Institute of Chemical Technology of Mumbai(project coordinator). Membrane processes, electro-oxidation, adsorption and catalysis science for water purification will be the main topics covered by this international project. The elimination of the organics, emerging micropollutants such as pharmaceutical compounds, arsenic and fluoride will be also part of the research network.

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