Greening the University Campus

Greening the University Campus

Maynooth campus consists of a North and South Campus. The North Campus is developed with state of the art science and teaching facilities together with student accommodation and recreational facilities. The south campus of 19th century buildings is shared with St Patrickis College Maynooth. Waste disposal environmental management and sustainable use of natural resources are basic and fundamental concerns of the National University of Ireland Maynooth and St. Patrickis College. In recognition of this both institutions have drafted an environmental policy which commits them to reducing their environmental impacts. This project aims to implement the environmental policy statement through the establishment of sustainable practices and procedures throughout the campus which include; Improved Waste Management; Improved Water Management; Improved Energy Management; Improved Staff and Student Education and Awareness and Environmentally Sound Purchasing Policies. The project aims to minimise the amount of waste disposed of to landfill via the implementation of recycling and composting. The majority of waste generated on NUI Maynooth campus is composed of material which is readily recycled e.g. paper plastic cardboard and organic food waste. By changing staff and student behaviour and providing campus wide waste recycling facilities NUI Maynooth management aim to reduce the quantities of waste disposed of to landfill. Waste disposal costs and the environmental impacts of landfill disposal will be reduced.The programme will investigate the feasibility of composting organic and green waste and using the compost on the campus grounds and at the college farm thereby providing an example of 'up-recycling' and closing the recycling loop. The campus aim to and will reduce water and energy consumption. NUI Maynooth spends a substantial amount every year on energy and water. The Buildings Office proposes to address these issues as part of this project. The benefits of using less energy and water include potential cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

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Environmental Protection Agency 2001-CP-42
Finbarr Horrigan

Keywords: University Campus; Reduced resource use; Reduced impacts; Sustainabilty

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