Furesø - Oxygen CPR to polluted lake

Furesø - Oxygen CPR to polluted lake

Polluted lake saved with Oxygen
Lake Furesø has an area of 10 km2 With a depth of 38 meters it is the deepest lake in Denmark. For many years it was suffering severe problems with poisonous H2S and blue-green algae which caused death of fish and prohibition of bathing. Redirection of sewage from the surrounding cities could not stand alone to restore the lake.
Problems with the internal load of phosphorus would prevail for decades. But these problems rapidly vanished after only 2 years with oxygenation.
The effect of the oxygenation is an impressive reduction of the internal loading of phosphorous which has lead to a reduction of the production of plankton algae causing a much larger transparency in the lake water. The underwater vegetation now grows down to 8.5 meters.
The restoration of lake Furesø is by many experts considered to be the most successful environmental projects in Denmark. Hypolimnic oxygenation has dramatically changed the environmental conditions in the lake giving it a great biological and recreational value.
Oxygen is a 100% natural substance with no adverse side effects.Up to 95% of the injected oxygen dissolves and is distributed to all parts of the hypolimnion without disturbing the thermocline.The oxygen saturation in the hypolimnion is precisely managed using a land-based control panel.The oxygenation system consumes very little energy. It runs with the evaporation of liquid oxygen.Do you want to learn more? Contact ClimateCircle!

If you want to read more about this innovative solution, you can do so at stateofgreen.com, which also enables you to contact with the solution provider for a visit of the demonstration site

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