Flood Warning technologies for Ireland

Flood Warning technologies for Ireland

This project will review the state of the art in the components of flood warnings systems. It will determine the stakeholders requirements for such systems in Ireland and will examine the performance of existing systems. It will assess the potential performance of radar, Numerical Weather Forecasting as potential technologies and will determine the situations in which they provide most benefit. It will compare and assess hydrological and hydraulic models used in forecasting water levels and flows in real time and recommend appropriate choices. It will demonstrate the performance of software components described above. It has secured the agreement of Met Eireann to assist with the latter by providing re-analysis high resolution numerical weather predictions of historic flood events to assis the ability of such forecasts to provide useful warnings.

If you want to read more about this project, you can do so at erc.epa.ie.

Environmental Protection Agency 2014-W-DS-17
Michael Bruen

Keywords: Flood warning systems; Stakeholders; Existing systems; Radar; Numerical Weather Forecasting

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