Five Fords Energy Park

Five Fords Energy Park

Purpose of the Project:
To create a site which maximises the renewable energy generation from a wastewater treatment works.

Project Objectives as linked to our 25 Year Vision:
To adapt our activities to deal with the potential effects of climate change, while reducing our own carbon footprint.

We will achieve this by using:
–––– Energy recovery technologies for wastewater and sludge
–––– More energy efficient wastewater pumping and treatment

The Project
As one of the largest companies in Wales, we use a lot of energy to pump and treat our water and wastewater. To reduce our costs and carbon footprint, we must invest in renewable energy.
Whilst we currently generate around 13% of our energy needs, we aim to increase this to 30% by 2020.
We also aim to reduce the amount of energy we use on our sites by 5% in the next five years.
To achieve this, we are developing a range of renewable projects across our sites, including investing more than £24 million at Five Fords near Wrexham, where we are combining five renewable technologies on one site.
The renewable energy generated through a combination of Advanced Anaerobic Digestion, Gas to Grid, Hydroelectric, Wind and Solar generation, will be enough to heat over 3,000 homes and power over 1,000 homes.
The latest stage in the development of Five Fords is implementation of Gas to Grid which enables treatment and injection of biogas produced on site to be injected into the gas network. Gas-to-Grid consists of three main elements – the Biogas Upgrade Unit, the Grid Entry Unit and the Propane Plant. It takes the raw biogas from the existing anaerobic digestion plant and removes the 40% CO2 in the biogas to leave almost pure bio-methane.
This is then injected into the national gas grid and the upgrade unit is the first membrane plant built by a UK Water and Sewerage Company.

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