First semantic expert finder for the water sector

First semantic expert finder for the water sector

The objective of the web based market place is to create and establish a community on and a place for matchmaking in innovation topics in the field of water in Europe and worldwide. The market place will offer several features as a publishing facilities for specific content, event listings & aggregated news streams of the sector, features for better collaboration for working groups (as e.g. Action Groups et al) and - in the center of the system - a 'smart innovation matchmaking feature' that brings together stakeholders that have a concrete problem / demand on the one hand and providers of innovative solutions & services that can help to serve these demands on the other hand.


Market place user profiles (by registration) of relevant stakeholders are the basis to build several knowledge objects as the listed organisations, projects, products & services, problem statements & demands. The crucial point here is to put these objects in relation / in context to each other to enable powerful matchmaking and recommendation services (e.g. the system can recommend relevant services, individuals, projects, news et al for a given demand / problem statement automatically - as well as the user can select several relevant filter criteria from a given list to receive the matching knowledge objects as a result of this filtering mechanism).

This will be realised in the form of semantic annotation of these knowledge objects what means to enrich the objects with additional metadata on the basis of a controlled vocabulary on European Water in the form of a SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organisation Model) Thesaurus (that vocabulary contains major terms & descriptions of European Water but also synonyms, related terms or misspellings et al). The knowledge objects will be semantically annotated automatically by text mining mechanisms as well as manually by the users. On the basis of this 'semantic footprint' of any relevant knowldge object in the market place smart services can be realised as: matchmaking mechanisms (between individuals, between demands and products or demands and services, et al), semantic search services, autocomplete mechanisms - to name the most important ones.

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