Executive Education for energy and climate industries

Executive Education for energy and climate industries

Program purpose Companies in the energy and climate industries face unique challenges: Political policy uncertaintyMacroeconomic market trends and relationshipsNew technologies and efficiency improvements interact in a complex systemThis system is particularly unpredictable and volatile in the energy and climate industry so it is crucial that executives are able to manage risk effectively, leverage and develop the talents of their people, and create an innovative culture that can adapt quickly to changes in the environment. The program is a cooperation between Energy and Climate Academy and MIT Sloan Executive Education and consist of two modules: One at MIT Campus in CambridgeAnd one week in DenmarkProgram objectives After attending this program executives from energy and climate industries should be able to: Allocate money and capital more effectivelyAnticipate and manage risk related to: organization, different countries/region, different technologiesManage a technology portfolio by: diversifying risk effectively, anticipating disruptive innovationManage talent by: more effectively spotting intrapreneurs (internal entrepreneurs), picking the right projects to pursue (and not pursue), creating a more innovative cultureManage change including: motivating people in the organization, focusing people on a collective ambition, managing multiple locationsAfter attending this program executives should think differently about Solving complex dynamic problemsBeing systems thinkers instead of linear thinkersScenario planningWho should attend? Experienced executives in energy and climate industry companies who carry significant leadership and strategic roles in their companies either as: Executives, general managers, leaders of functions or business lines, SVPs or VP of business strategy, operations, supply chain management, services, and product development. Minimum 10 years of work experience, across several different functional and business linesSignificant international exposureConfident fluency in spoken English

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