Eutrophication from Agriculture Sources (Phosphorus and Nitrogen) - Soil and Phosphorus

Eutrophication from Agriculture Sources (Phosphorus and Nitrogen) - Soil and Phosphorus

This report summarises the aims methods results conclusions and recommendations of the sub-project LS-2.1.1a (Soil and Phosphorus: Catchment Studies). The aim of the project was to investigate the processes responsible for phosphorus (P) transfer from fertilised grassland soils to streams and to investigate the patterns of such transfers in three catchments (Dripsey County Cork; Clarianna County Tipperary and Oona County Tyronne). This sub-project was one of six that formed the LS-2.1 project: which aimed at measuring the absolute and relative losses of phosphorus from soil grazed pastures slurry and fertiliser spreading and farmyards. The LS-2.1 project is part of the large scale research project LS-2 i- Eutrophication from Agriculture sources. The objective of this large-scale integrated research project commissioned in 2000 was to supply scientific data to underpin appropriate actions or measures that might be used in the implementation of national policy for reducing nutrient losses to waters from agricultural sources. The research including desk laboratory field plot farm and catchment studies was conducted by teams in Teagasc the National Universities of Dublin Cork and Galway; Trinity College Dublin; University of Limerick and the University of Ulster at Coleraine.The LS-2.2 project - Models and risk assessment schemes for predicting phosphorus loss to water - aimed to develop three modelling approaches that explored the sources of phosphorus and the hydrology that transports it from land to water. The LS-2.3 project - Effects of agricultural practices on Nitrate leaching which aimed at measuring nitrate leaching from an intensively managed dairy farm on a soil type typical of a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone.

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Environmental Protection Agency 2000-LS-2.1.1a-M
Gerard Kiely

Keywords: Catchment; Agriculture; Phosphorus; Soils

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